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View LOTRO Hall of Mirrors Guide

Produced by renowiggum

What Is It?

The Hall of Mirrors is a largely vertical instance, the entrance to which is located in Zirakzigil, just north of Durin’s Bane. The shortest path to those who have completed 2.4.7 is through the Peaceful Path which has an exit near Durin’s Bane, or you can head to the Stable point in Durin’s Way and make your way there across the frozen mountaintop.

This is a 3-man instance, and the reward for finishing is a barter item for the 15-Radiance 3-piece set gloves, such as Hall-captain’s Gauntlets. Because it is a 3-man instance, considering the classes you bring along is very important.

Who Should I Bring?

I’ve had success with multiple group configurations: Captain, Rune-Keeper, Loremaster (note: both the light armor classes had over 5,000 morale, so this is an unusual group); Burglar, Champion, Minstrel; Captain, Champion, Champion.

You will need someone who can heal, but it need not be a “main healer” as I have filled this role with a Hands-of-a-Healer traited Captain. You will need some form of crowd control, whether a Loremaster (for mezzes on some early wargs), a burglar (who can mez the morroval that dominate most of the instance), or just a couple aggro-magnets to split mobs up.

More important than filling a checklist of classes is understanding the tasks you need to accomplish, and figuring out how you can set about doing this.

How do I Advance?

The key to this instance is rotating a lot of mirrors so that the light bounces deeper and deeper into the instance, granting you access to the scaffolding that the morroval have taken over high above the Fanged Pit.

I’ll think of this instance as three sections before you get to the boss fight. First, there are some wargs to defeat – 8 at the most. Second, there are the morroval caves, where you will deal with most of the “trash” mobs. Third is the scaffolding around the final boss, which has the most complex puzzle in the instance.

When I think to do so, I’ll try to bring in some screenshots to help illustrate this better.

Section 1 – The Wargs

This section, stragely enough, will probably tax your healer more than any other section of the instance. This is because the wargs love to drop a number of DOT wounds on your small party, and these can drain morale very quickly.

As you enter the instance, you will be on a narrow snowy ledge looking down into a deep pit. You must hop down from ledge to ledge until you reach the bottom. At no point do you need to take a fall that gives you a leg-break lasting longer than 6 seconds, so don’t just drop the whole way.

As you make your way to the bottom of the pit, you will see 2 groups of 2 normal wargs, and a Warg Matron pathing between them. The Warg Matron does two things – she will buff any wargs around her, and she will get a removable Corruption which will, if not removed, put a MASSIVE heal on her and any wargs around.

Here, the goal is to drop down on 2 of the wargs when the Matron is across the room, to kill one or both before she returns. Once the Matron is upon you, somebody needs to be assigned to remove her corruption. The exit to this room is on the right side, so it is possible to kill just 2 wargs and the Matron, leaving the other two asleep. To progress, you need to rotate a mirror on the right side of the room so that it illuminates a sealed cavern, which will open in the light.

(alternative fight staragy: wait till the matron is in the middle and then drop on her. If you do it right the pairs will not aggro. You can take her down then take the group by the door. This seems to work better than trying to get pair down before she paths back.)

In the next room, you will catch a glimpse of two sleeping Warg Matrons behind a mirror. In addition to these matrons is the Warg Boss (name forgotten). Because there are two Matrons, who will buff each other, you need to pull them apart to deal with them most easily. If you can kill them fast enough, you can down them before the boss activates, but it is possible that he will wake up while Matrons are still active. If this happens, be sure to get the Matrons down fast – buffed bosses are scary!

To kill the boss, simply keep your team healed, and watch out for the frostbite wound the boss puts on people – the other wargs do this too, but the boss hits much harder with his wound.

When the warg is down, you can rotate the mirrors to bounce the light along the left side of the room, illuminating another sealed cavern across from where you entered. Also, loot the chest. Mostly Settings and IXP Runes in here, but you still earned this!

Section 2 – The Morroval Caverns

In here, you need to bounce the light beam that allowed you to enter around the caverns, lower and lower until it shoots down into some black webs. It’s hard to explain without visualizing it, so I will need to grab some screenshots to point out the mirrors.

Until then, some tips on the mobs you will find.
1) The Morroval Task Mistress. This is the mob that will wipe you. When aggroed, she will get a 30-second countdown buff. If she is not dead before this expires, she then gets a 1000% (yes, one-thousand percent) damage increase. Conclusion – if you aggro one of these mobs, TAKE HER DOWN! Don’t finish the mob you are fighting and then switch.

2) The Swarming Bat. When aggroed, and periodically thereafter, this mob will summon 3-4 swarm-level bats. These like to stun, wound, and power-drain you. Killing the Swarming Bat will make the summoned bats vanish. Focus on the Swarming Bat.

3) The Morroval Warrior. These are the least-important mobs here. They have one summoned bat add. Just kill them.

The key mirror here is located on the ceiling. There is one mirror with a lever atached to the roof, where you will climb a ramp that puts you right up on the roof. This mirror needs to be rotated three times. Most other mirrors will allow for some trial and error, but once you rotate this mirror, you are forced to drop off a ledge, as the door behind you will shut and you no longer have access to it. Other than that, if you are confused about which mirrors to turn, follow the light – bounce the light to another mirror, then go turn that mirror, etc.

Eventually, you will get low enough to see a beam of light shooting down through some black webs in the middle of the cavern. Make your way down through the twisting side passages, and you will eventually reach this room. On the far side of the room a Task-Mistress patrolls back and forth. Aggro her far enough from the mirror, and you can fight her alone. Otherwise, if she is aggroed near the mirror, she will summon a Morroval Defiler who will cover the mirror in a thick slime.

Kill her/them, and rotate the mirror twice, so that it points further down the hall. This will reveal a chest (that was a boss fight?) and the path down to the scaffolding.

Section 3 – The Scaffolding

On the scaffolding, your goal is to get light from all 4 sides to illuminate the lens in the middle of the room. There are a number of mirrors along the outside that you must rotate to accomplish this. Markan, from the EU LOTRO TOG presence, has graciously illustrated the sequence needed. I’ll try to add some screenshots to add to this.

Complicating matters is the occasional spawn of a Morroval Task Mistress, who will patrol around, summoning defilers to cover and darken each mirror she passes. To cut down on the mobs you need to kill, grab the Mistress ASAP when she is spotted. In my Captain/Champion/Champion group, we had success stationing the Champions as “lookouts” and having the Captain rotate mirrors until a Champ had spotted and engaged the Mistress. Just remember – 30 seconds from aggro, she’d better be dead.

Kill the morroval, align the mirrors, and the lens will open up the webs beneath, opening the drop down to the boss fight.

The Boss

When you first drop down onto the lowest lens, you will see a ring of morroval around you. These adds will activate every 30 seconds or so during the boss fight, and to accomplish hard mode, you don’t want to kill them. When they appear, have someone get healing agro (RK, Captain, Minstrel, or Warden can do this on the run) and kite the adds around the perimiter of the platform.

The boss herself will appear from the shadows shortly after you drop in. She can put a nasty wound on folks (flaming red eye), and put a +10 Dread debuff on one person (meaning if you have no radiance gear, you need to buy a Destiny Hope Buff in addition to popping a hope token before starting the fight, or you may get stuck cowering. The healer/kiter DEFINITELY needs this.

Keep the boss out of the light – I hear (but have not observed) that it gives her a big heal. She can randomly aggro unusual things – I’ve seen her do a scripted attack “Feel the Horror of their teeth” on my captain’s banner. Since I usually plant this in the light (in range of the whole platform for kiting) when she does this I just put a new banner down on the side to cause the old one to despawn.

The boss also has a knockback that may be related to her fighting in the light – it’s possible for this to knock you off the lens, and that is a very long fall.

Once you kill the boss, be sure everyone loots the reward chest. You must loot the chest individually to get the radiance barter item. Once you get 4 barter items, you can turn them in for your 15-Radiance gloves.

How Long Is This?

Initial runs, explaining all the mobs, take 1.5 – 2 hours if you are cautious. Once you get in a rhythm, you can get the instance down to 40 minutes or so (actual time from one of our Cap/Champ/Champ runs). There are no locks here, so you can grind out all 4 items for your group if you have a few hours.

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