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View Order of Gilthoniel Loot Rules for MoM


As we start up our 2009 schedule we wanted to set some rules for the kinship organised runs to the MoM end-game instances. What we will be doing is using the system that we used for the Rift Raids as that seemed to get pretty good feedback and share the gear out pretty fairly.

What that means is that we will be using Suicide Kings again. Key points to note are:

* It will be a new pair of lists and separate from the Rift lists * The lists will be by Character (John, will this handle your concerns about being able to gear your Hunter – we were unsure after the meeting?) * There will be one list for the radiance armour and one for all other Teal drops * Each night will be considered a single trip for the purposes of promotion/demotion on the list and cover all groups on the night * We will start the list with a random list of every Character who is Level 60 by 00:01 GMT on Friday 9 January. After that new people will be added to the bottom of the list.

If you are not sure what Suicide Kings is, how it works or why we use it then please have a read of this thread from when we introduced it for the Rift.

As last time; if it doesn’t work we will change it

Obviously if you pull together your own run with friends then you are welcome to handle loot how you like – although I suspect the “ninja with master-looter” option may not be popular

Any questions then give me or one of the other Officers a shout or ask here.

Category:Lord of the Rings Online -> The Order of Gilthoniel