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View The Osgiliath Guard

We are a group of roughly 200 players with over 900 characters, aged 25 years or older, that enjoy playing LOTRO at our own pace. We have some who are keen raiders, and we have some others that primarily craft. We have some players with multiple level 65’s, and some around since Open Beta that are still working on leveling their first character. And we have everything in between, so if there’s a style within LOTRO you’ll find it here at The Osgiliath Guard.
To help kin get their level 45 class quests items we have been running Carn Dum and Urugarth once a week. Weekends are usually Epics, and instances. We also have a kinship Craft Bank to support players in honing their crafting skills. Monthly meetings and special events bring us together, and underlying all our kinship activities is one simple goal: Have Fun!


One way to get an invite once you have completed the TOG registration process is to go to the Social Pannel, pick Fellowship tab and in the FILTER field type in

osgiliath guard

You will then get a list of OG members who are online at that time. Pick on and ask if an officer is on who can do an invite. Please bear in mind that if an officer is in the middle of a fellowship it may take a little bit to get back to you. If you have completed TOG registration and Character Registration it will not be long before you get an invite.


Osgiliath Guard Leadership

Osgiliath Guard Kin Rules and Procedures – Guidelines on how to play the game with regard to TOG/OG.

Links on LOTRO Resources – Where to go to get more information on LOTRO

LOTRO Crafting Section – This includes information on Kin GM’s and Kin resources for crafters including Kin storage alts.

There and Back Again – Information on the Middle Earth as written in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.
Info on The Osgiiath Guard

TOG VOICE chat info – Information on how to find TOG’s Ventrilo Server. Probably should not have connection Information & passwords as this wiki is public

LOTRO Instances and Raid walk throughs and guide how toos. This is not Raid Rules but help in doing an instance or raid.

Lotro Guides and Helpful Hints to general game play

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