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Ulric | 2 July 2009 | Comments off

Enemy Territory Division (incorporating Enemy Territory Quake Wars)

The roots of Enemy Territory have a rich heritage starting from the mother of all FPS games, Wolfenstein 3D and ET’s multiplayer predecessor, RTCW (Return to Castle Wolfenstien).

Enemy Territory was developed as a multiplayer game only on the back of the success of RTCW and is a free standalone multiplayer game. Enemy Territory Quake Wars was then developed to further enhance the technologies of the day.

Enemy Territory and the TOG involvement in the Gamearena ladder started with the inception of the Gamearena ladder.

During the peak times of Enemy Territory, TOG fielded 3 teams in the ladder.

We have always had a will always have a “Socials” team, which embraces the ethos of TOG and is a great place for all Toggers to band together and enjoy the fast, dynamic pace of multiplayer FPS gaming.

Enemy Territory has a unique grounding with multiple strategies that can be developed as well as a hugely tweak able engine, which provides another aspect to the game’s enjoyment.

The Enemy Territory ladder is coming to an end (also with the anticipation of the next franchise instalment, Wolfenstein (due for release late August)) and the Enemy Territory Quake Wars ladder, whilst very successful overseas, never really took off in Australia.

A with most other communities, ,TOG is a highly respected member of the Enemy Territory Ladder.

Looking back over the years, some of the highlights of TOG’s involvement in the Enemy Territory ladder include:

- The 2nd TOG Team, TOG Commits achieved 1st place in the Gamearena ladder (albeit for a short time)

- The development by some TOG Members to develop and run “B & C Grade Ladder competition” in conjunction with the normal ladder finals. This enabled teams that did not compete at the elite level to participate in the excitement of finals. This was warmly embraced by the entire community and personally, I believe that this typifies the TOG attitude.

- Some members of TOG in 2006 also financially assisted the elite team in Australia at the time, Modus Operandi, to attend Quakecon and compete against the worlds best.

- Currently one of TOG’s Captains, Alphagamma has also been appointed as a Gamearena Gameop .

- Due to our involvement and reputation in the community, elite players have joined over the years to become involved in our community, these players have also taken time out to assist us in learning the finer points of the game

- Due to our reputation, I was also invited to attend training by Modus Operandi, who instilled there philosophy and strategies of the game.

If you have a few hours free and want to get into a fast paced FPS game, give Enemy Territory a go. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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