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Ulric | 27 June 2009 | Comments off

The EvE Division

Like the evolution of the MMORPG, so has the EvE Division evolved with the help of many a great ‘Older Gamer’…from humble beginnings, to thousands upon thousands of enlightening, informative, and entertaining posts.

The universe of EvE is vast and ever changing, but rest assured, a Tog Member is there. He or She may be lurking in the shadows in a cloaked ship or perhaps in their mining barge not too far away stripping an asteroid belt of all its precious ore…. We are one, we are many, and we are all throughout the EvE Universe!

Whether you are an avid ‘end game style’ gamer, or just would rather a casual environment – EvE has a Tog Corp for you. Perhaps you just like the Tog Ethos, but would rather do things off on your own… We have an in-game chat channel that’s always bustling with Toggers’ exchanging info on the latest happenings from across the intergalactic superhighway known as EvE.

Come on in and introduce yourself… The EvE Division.

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