EVE Inferno and Tribute Video

Ninja Gizmosis | 9 June 2012 | 3 comments (off)

Well the 17th free expansion (they’re all free) for EVE Online by CCP games has arrived and so far the overhaul they’ve done with a lot of game mechanics is pretty impressive. Here’s a quick video that sums it up pretty well:

Hi guys. I like eve a fair bit so here’s an EVE Tribute I’ve made with in-game video recorded with Fraps and edited with Premiere. All the pilots were in Gray Nomads and Oasis Group and most of the video is of us orbiting around a jump gate in space while a massive fleet of pirates were shooting freighters… hope you enjoy it..

No ships were harmed in the making of this video.. except the one at the end. 

3 Comments so far

Excellent video. I really want to like eve when I see this, then I remember the agent missions and rock mining.

Nice vid, enjoyed watching it!

How can I join with other TOG’ers in-game? I would really like to get into Eve more but I find it a bit tedious without a corp to join… Please advise.

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