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Grendel78 | 10 August 2009 | 23 Comments

The “New? Welcome to Eve” sticky has been updated.  There’s a wealth of knowledge in there, so please check it out!  :)

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pobox522rlyeh | 12:52 am - 8 July 2010

So does anybody still play EVE in TOG?

This girly just wanted to see her avatar… lol
enjoy and fly safe

play til we die… lol.. blonde hair and all....
Im a california girly girl… so your time zone.. sometimes KILLS me.. lol
enjoy and fly safe

Sorry for the late response, but I still play Eve.  My character’s name is Kurita Silverdragon. Send me a eve message.

Curious do we have a corp in Eve?


Just letting you know I am out there, you can find me in HEORAH with my alt Fortisque Gump. We run lvl 4 missions, mine with Orca support, salvage belts in moments of extreme bordom, a bit of PI and scanning out those nicer more lucrative locations.
If you are down our way and want some company or assistance give me a shout.


Mark (Mehk’tor)

just got off WOW and hit up EVE is there any TOG corps?

oh btw my character name is Podmaker pls Pst me Im new, and lonely lol

i also play eve is there a tog corp? Dacca1

Demetrius Von Detta | 07:36 am - 20 January 2011

So I’ve joined ToG hoping to hook up with other EVE players but I don’t see any activity whatsoever on this website. Do I need to introduce myself here as well in order to see ToG EVE players?

Ingame I’m known as Aelphis.

Just joined TOG.  Name in EVE is Ryland Faunus.  Working now to build skills but feel free to drop a note and say hello!  I’m in Central Ohio and I usually play from around 2300UTC to 0200UTC during the week and most of the day on weekends and holidays.

Ninja Gizmosis | 11:33 pm - 18 March 2011

Introduce yourselves to our community in our new area.  Join our ingame chat channels and expand your friends and knowledge of the game.

Come t
join the TOG EvE party :)

Hey Folks,
I played eve a long time ago, then quit for a few years, and have just returned. Anyone out there active in Eve?
Kallen Brack in-game. Feel free to start a convo!

Trying out Eve again. I haven’t played since 2008...sooo lost...lol… My name is Maximus Mud… Drop me a note in game…


sharkman1980 | 09:40 am - 19 August 2012

hey just joined the tog and been playing eve off and on since 04 have my own corp but just me in it for now. doing some mining of either ice or riods in and around molea trying to get my funds up to finally get a carrier but right now mining in a retriever in game name is Black Jacksilver

hey guys, just joined tog and just started playing eve again after 2 years. Looking for an alliance to join, i hear tog has one, is it active?

Yep, it’s active Marduk.  I posted in your thread in the Barracks with links to the EVE Division forums and the corps etc we have.  Come visit us! :)

Hoping that there is a group of toggers that play eve… been looking around and giving shout outs but no responses in game. any hints on finding you?

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Is there any TOG’s still playing eve

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