EQ2 - Game Update Notes

Zal | 27 March 2009 | 2 Comments

Game Update #56 - Halas Reborn (May 25, 2010)


* The city of New Halas, namesake of the original city of the Northmen destroyed by cataclysm and war, sits in the heart of the isle of Erollis, a treacherous land of biting temperatures and aggressive fauna within the freezing waters of the Frostfang Sea.  Originally a village of war hardened dwarves, it has since grown due to being blessed by Mithaniel Marr and reconnected with the Shattered Lands of Norrath.  Pilgrims to New Halas can find their way there via a griffin at the docks in the Butcherblock Mountains.  New characters created for New Halas will start at Pilgrim’s Landing, an encampment near the isle of Erollis, in the zone Frostfang Sea.


* A new level 90+ x4 raid dungeon with associated quests is aimed to give players an easy to moderate challenge! The pesky Frostfoots have found a new way into the Icy Keep and this time the Ice Maidens are ready for them! Join Snarf, Gerbi and many more in their quest to rid themselves of the newly hatched Ice Dragon, Vrewwx! Consider yourselves warned, however… Before entering you might want to bring 23 of your friends to help you get past his guardians.


* There is a battle raging as powerful elemental forces gather deep beneath the earth.  Only the most powerful raiding parties can hope to prevail in the Underfoot Depths.


* A new “Storyline” tab has been added to the bottom of the Quest journal. The Storyline window will help you keep track of the many adventures you encounter as you explore the world of Norrath. Additionally, the Storyline window will help lead you to new adventures as they become available for you to enjoy!
* Storylines are color coded by status:
o Gold indicates that you have not picked up any quests for this storyline.
o White indicates you have made some progress in this storyline even if it is just picking up the first quest in it.
o Grey indicates you have completed all quests in this storyline.


* We have made several changes to the game in an effort to streamline travel.
o Traveling to different locations uses a new interface.
o Now when selecting a travel location via teleportation, bell, or sokokar/horse/griffon etc. you will do so through a travel map.
o Simply double click your choice, or select it and then press OK to be whisked away.
o Mousing over a location when using world teleportation displays a level range and some background information on the area.
o Bell/carpet zone travel has been consolidated. Bells on the different continents have all been linked together. This means the bells that were in Nektulos are no longer limited to 6 locations. These bells have been reduced to one bell that is linked to other bells across Norrath. Bells used to travel within Qeynos and Freeport have not been changed except that they now use the travel map allowing for more direct connections to where you wish to go.
* Druid portals no longer require the player to have harvested a Blessed Shrubbery.
* Blessed Shrubberies have been imbued by Tunare with the power to transport players to any of the other druid rings!
* Translocate no longer requires a planar symbol.
* Translocate portals were transporting players to incorrect spots in the Bonemire and The Barren Sky. This has been corrected.
* Planar symbols have been removed from vendor lists.
* Sokokar posts no longer require the Sokokar item. They now check that you have completed either the tradeskill or adventuring version of the quest. This affects the following zones:
o Chardok
o Jarsath Wastes
o Kylong Plains
o Kunzar Jungle
o Fens of Nathsar
* You are no longer required to visit a Sokokar post before being able to travel there. This affects the following zones:
o Jarsath Wastes
o Kylong Plains
o Kunzar Jungle
o Fens of Nathsar
* The following zones no longer require you to do a quest or go to a location before accessing the inner zone travel option. The quests that were there previously have been reworked so that players can still do them optionally.
o Nektulos Forest
o Thundering Steppes
o Sinking Sands
o Pillar of Flames
* The flight paths leading to and leaving from Butcherblock, and connecting to Timorous or Darklight, have been modified some to be more geographically appropriate.
* The following quests have been modified and had money rewards attached to them:
o Griffon Egg for the Nektulos Tower Stations
o Griffon Egg for the Steppes Tower Stations
* The following zones now have inner zone travel options or have had new locations added to them:
o Steamfont
o Zek
o Feerrott
o Enchanted Lands
o Everfrost
o Greater Faydark
o Nektulos
* All spires that can be reached through wizard teleportation should now have a static teleporter and they should all now link to the entire network. This affects the following zones:
o Greater Faydark
o Moors of Ykesha
o Kylong Plains
o Tenebrous Tangle
o Bonemire
o Barren Sky
* All call spells have had their cast times reduced to 10 seconds. This affects the following spells:
o Call of The Overlord
o Call of Kelethin
o Call of Qeynos
o Call of Gorowyn
o Call of Neriak
o Call of Haven
o Call to Guild Hall
o Call of Ro
* Guild hall bell amenities have been changed:
o Since all bells are the same now we have given each one a different look.
o The Sinking Sands carpet now acts like a bell but will retain the carpet look for those who like it.

* Antonica and Commonlands have once again become hotbeds of conflict!  Will your lands be overrun or will your forces prevail against the siege?
o Warfields are Good vs. Evil faction based events, with participation starting at level 10.
o Discord Tokens are awarded at the end of each event, with the winning team receiving bonus tokens.
o The event will stagger between Antonica and 2 hours later in Commonlands and last for 30 minutes.
o The Antonica and Commonlands zones have been CHANGED to 10 level ranges from 4 to allow a wider range of skirmishes.
* Event Description (Offense)
o Four towers located near the three griffin towers and one near the city gate will spawn 10 minutes before the skirmish.
o At the start of the event, the towers will have 5 guardian statues that will need to be destroyed by the invaders.  The defenders are not able to interact with the Tower Guardians.
o The Tower Guardians are protected by powerful magic but are vulnerable to players depending on their level.  Each Tower Guardian has a protection spell and a color particle associated with it.
+ The Purple Tower Guardian will damage anyone level 31 or higher.
+ The Blue Tower Guardian will damage anyone level 51 or higher.
+ The Green Tower Guardian will damage anyone level 71 or higher.
+ The Red Tower Guardian is attackable by all level ranges.
+ The White Tower Guardian will be immune until all other guardians at that tower are defeated. 
+ Destroying the White Tower Guardian destroys that tower.
o If all four Towers are destroyed, the invaders are victorious!  If any Tower Guardian is still active by the time the 30 minutes elapse, the siege fails.
* Event Description (Defense)
o Prevent the destruction of the Tower Guardians at each of the four towers.
o The defenders have 10 minutes to prepare for the siege and must then defend all four towers for 30 minutes.
o If at any point during the 30 minutes all Tower Guardians are defeated, the event ends.


* When inspecting spells and abilities on PvE servers the PVP checkbox will default to unchecked.
* The PVP checkbox will only appear on an item if the PVP description differs from the PvE description.
* Moved PVP Crit Mit from its own line in the persona window to part of the tooltip for toughness.
* Increased spell-damage in PVP Combat by ~15% for all classes.
* New Stat: PVP Critical Mitigation.
o This is critical mitigation that works only on attacks made on a player from a player.
o Toughness provides a bonus to PVP Critical Mitigation.
* Starting at level 30 players can go to 100% AAXP on a PVP server and have no limits on how many AA points they can spend (it used to be 1.5 * level).
* Disabling combat experience on a PVP server also disables experience gain from killing players.
* The tooltips on mitigations (physical, elemental, arcane and noxious) now includes the amount mitigated from PVP damage as well. Note: players get a slight bonus to mitigations against PVP damage and this percent includes that bonus.
* You can no longer /yell to prevent would be attackers from getting PVP credit for your death.

PVP Items

* The following item effects can no longer critically hit:
o Grave Elemental’s Affliction and its upgrades
o Burning Affliction and its upgrades
o Magical Affliction and its upgrades
* Rune of Absolution now dispels all types of detrimental effects and is 5 charges.
* Pumice Stone now dispels all types of beneficial effects.
* Torrent and Pestilential Rain no longer have an unlimited range.
* Stonewill can only trigger once every 20 seconds when in PVP Combat.
* Divine Guidance now has a shorter duration rather than less triggers in PVP Combat.
* Stonewill now has reduced amounts rather than a reuse time in PVP Combat.
* Combat Expertise on the Grand Admiral’s Chain now includes “Greater” in name to distinguish it from the Admiral’s Chain proc.
* Massive Concussive Shock no longer has an unlimited range in PVP.

PVP Spells and Abilities


* Shadow Step has had its damage reduced in PVP Combat.


* Battle Frenzy now has 10 triggers when used in PVP Combat.


* Divine Guidance now only has 10 triggers per person in PVP Combat.


* Improved Moderation’s PVP effect will now work and cause players you attack to target you from time to time and players attacking your groupmates to lose target from time to time.
* Improved Moderation buff now works in PVP on groupmates.

Flat amount damage reduction from abilities like “Battle Hardening” will only reduce a PVP attacks damage by no more than 50% and will no longer be able to reduce PVP attack damage to zero. However, this still stacks with abilities such as “Last Man Standing” so it is still possible to “fail to inflict damage” but it should not happen nearly as often.

PVP Writs

* Writs have been updated to be equally rewarding across all levels.
* All writs now require 6 kills and grant 5 tokens. 

PVP Merchants

* Scions of War carrying new wares are now available in all starting cities.
* All previous faction merchants have been removed and all their wares have been moved to the Scion of War marked, Discord Vintage Wares.
* Prices have been modified to allow a reachable progression in gear acquisition through each level.
* Other then some potions, all items are Heirloom.

PVP Tokens

* A single token exchange purse has been added to the Priest of Discord for Faydark, Kunark, Void and Odus tokens.
* All pre-GU53 tokens now convert to the new Discord token and you can exchange one token at a time as well.
* A single currency will be used from now on, the Discord Token.
* All other currency can be exchanged using the Priest of Discord.
* Currency exchange rate is 1:1 and can be exchange 5 or 100 at a time.
* The new token is heirloom and replaces the old Shattered Lands Discord token.  As such, there are no exchange bags for this tokens.

PVP Potions

* Tear of Discord now provides 3 Accuracy.
* Essence of Discord now provides 3 Critical Bonus.

PVP Mounts

* Disk of Chaotic Energy is now 70 speed.
* Discord’s Prescient Disk is now 70 speed.
* Discord’s Enduring Disk is now 70 speed.


* EverQuest II now supports Shader 3.0 with new vibrant colors and depth processed by your GPU!  To enable this feature, on supported cards, check the ‘Shader 3.0’ box in the Performance section of the Display options.
o Note: Shader 3.0 does not support ‘r_aa_blit 1’ in the eq2.ini and it should be removed if before enabling it.


* Many new quests have been added to the Stonebrunt Highlands!  Seek out Sous Chef Jailaya in Moonfield Hamlet, Damodar in the Mausoleum of Scholars and Felidael in the Kejek encampment.


* Character Traits can now be earned all the way to level 90!

* The normal shipping route to the Queen’s Colony and Outpost of the Overlord have been diverted, for reasons the Far Seas Trading Company is not yet willing to discuss.  As a result, new players now start in Kelethin, New Halas, Neriak, or Gorowyn.
* Qeynos and Freeport have been disabled as starting cities.
* Removed stat cap on critical mitigation.
* Removed stat cap on potency.
* Raid nameds in The Sentinel’s Fate now grant more Alternate Advancement experience when killed.
* Fixed an issue where a character would stand on their mount for a brief second if they summoned a mount while wielding a weapon.
* Fixed an issue where using a server controlled mount, that was similar to your active mount, would cause your active mount to disappear visually.
* Fixed an issue where the client would sometimes crash if minimized during a flythrough sequence.
* Fixed an issue where using a group illusion while on a mount could render a character topless.
* Fixed an issue causing guild halls to not be available in other copies of the exterior zone if purchased when more than one copy exists.
* Increasing your defense, parry, and/or deflection skills to very high levels will no longer cause your chance to avoid attacks to go down.
* Looking around while moving backwards with strafe should no longer make you reverse directions.
* Corpses and treasure chests will no longer sink to the bottom if underwater.
* Bartenders in Norrath’s major cities will once more sell alcoholic beverages to level 90 adventurers, having been persuaded that all rumors of unfortunate high-level drunken raiding incidents are in fact vile slander and in no way explain why Roehn Theer remains undefeated.  The bartenders of Norrath encourage the responsible use of alcohol in moderation.  This message was not sponsored by Roehn Theer.


* The tooltip on avoidance now shows both the normal block and uncontested block value for your character
* The tooltip for stamina has been updated to better explain how it affects spell resistance.
* Players can no longer change their UI while dead (this would cause the revive window to vanish).
* The mouseover tooltip for tradeskill recipes will now properly display the byproduct amounts.
* Mouse buttons that are bound to hotbar keys will now have shorter forms of their text displayed according to the hotbar settings.
* Added new ‘Render Mounts’ option:
o Render Mounts – allows you to determine whether a mount is displayed when you are in combat or not.  Also allows you to disable rendering of mounts altogether.
o This option is located under the Display: Animation section.


* The Training Dummy Supply Chest guildhall amenity now provides dummies of varying difficulty.
o Raid an epic dummy!  (Loot not included)
* The Training Dummy Supply Chest now offers a set of grouped training dummies.
* The guildhall hunter hireling now has a chance to bring back level 70 and 80 meats for provisioning use, in addition to pelts.


* All carpets, discs and cloud type mounts should now have glide.
* The Bloodgorged Choker now has resists.
* Passive pet buffs from items will properly be applied to pets from Possess Essence.
* Equipping an item adorned with Focus: Bruiser Stances will now drop your stances so the bonuses will be applied properly when renewing your stance.
* Torrent and Pestilential Rain now only have one chance to trigger per round of AE Auto-Attacks.
* Level 90 Raid Hats now all have additional effects.
* The Crocodile Legends of Norrath pet is no longer attackable and cannot be killed by Area of Effect attacks.
* Rockiron Nerves now correctly applies only one damage reduction effect.
* Level 90 guild mounts and The Sentinel’s Fate faction mounts have had their speed and buffs increased.
* Many rare drops from the heroic Sentinel’s Fate Zones are now available by speaking to Kaliba Des’Sers in Moonfield Hamlet!
All bosses of Sentinel’s Fate heroic dungeons now have new rare drops!
* There are new items available for raiders on the El’Arad merchant.
* Tracker Coalbear’s Cuffs of the Ursine Threat can now be worn by mages.
* Added yellow slot adornments to all level 80+ mastercrafted armor.
* Changed the color of the text for the blue adornment slot from dark blue to light blue so it will be easier to read.
* Added resistances to all types of level 80+ mastercrafted armor.
* Gravity Flux from Gravity, Staff of El’Arad will no longer teleport the target.
* Nizara, City of the Nayad - “Necropolis of Lxanvon, Vol. I” pages 1-5 & “Necropolis of Lxanvon, Vol. II” pages 1-5 are no longer no-trade.
* Summoning the mount from the Ykeshan Warbear whistle will now work if you are level 80 in either adventuring or tradeskilling.
* Bane Warding can no longer trigger if it has triggered within the past second. It can no longer be modified and cannot critically hit.
* Ancient Invigoration now regenerates every two seconds rather than every three seconds.
* A great many low level items purchased from merchants in starting areas have reduced their prices.
* The Brilliant Bladestopper should be more in line with the challenge getting it.
* Cuffs of Definitive Power now have Molten Carnage IV.
* The Timorous Deep horse merchant now sells the new guild mounts.
* The item effect “Rancorous Ire” can no longer be resisted.
* Ward of Elements gear no longer requires previous levels of armor to obtain it.  Coin costs were added to the previous levels of armor.  Patterns are no longer needed, you can purchase the higher level armor with just the mold and Void Shards.  If you happen to have a pattern, you can trade it to Assilus to get the corresponding mold back.


* Drops from Hard Mode Contested fights have been improved.
* Many Challenge Mode bosses now have a chance to drop additional items from the normal mode tables.
* Maalus Imbued now has a higher chance to drop the raid mount.


* Certain cosmetic pets will no longer overwrite Deity pets.
* Deity pets can now be cast while moving.


* Reactive Heal and Damage spells no longer fail to trigger if the spell has already been cast and the cleric is feared, stifled or stunned.


* Certain versions of Earthen Avatar have had their appearances changed.


* Tribal Spirit will now correctly apply the damage reduction.


* Paranoia and Medusa’s Gaze now apply damage instantly rather than on termination.


* Personae Reflections: Fixed an issue where the reflections would have a random hair style and hair color if a player race illusion was active.


* Paladins can no longer cancel Divine Favor after it has triggered.


* Death March: “On The March” will no longer fail to apply when the Shadowknight is stunned, stifled or feared.


* You can no longer summon a healing grove into a wall.



* Tortoise Shell no longer requires a buckler.


* Improved Moderation will now apply properly in PVE combat on PVE servers. It displays both effects at all times.


* Reaver’s Mania can no longer be modified except by direct means.


* Shaman now gain Shrink Servant when purchasing Summon Spirit Companion.
* Spirit Companion: Active AAs will no longer drop when the character dies and resurrects.
* Dazing Bash no longer requires a buckler.


* Sonic Interference should no longer reduce the duration of damage spells.
* Sonic Interference now deals a small amount of damage over time and has a chance to interrupt the target encounter every 6 seconds.


* Hail Storm now displays on the target.

* Players wishing to change their citizenship should now find an Ambassador with the purpose tag within their respective city who can give clearer guidance on exactly how to do this and where to go.


* Henry Overwater should now offer Qeynos adventure writs to players who have betrayed from evil to good.
* A Cleansing This Temple Needs: Mobs will now correctly react to the player’s possessed level instead of their actual level.
* A Cleansing This Temple Needs: The counter on the quest helper should now update correctly.
* Fury Epic: Restored to Glory: This quest should no longer require you to harvest mantrap roots. You should be able to acquire them by any means and the quest will update. Please note: this will only take affect if you are not currently on that stage of the quest.
* Troubador Epic: Feeding the Flame of Yore: This quest should no longer require you to harvest Xegonite clusters. You should be able to acquire them by any means and the quest will update. Please note: this will only take affect if you are not currently on that stage of the quest.
* Wizard Epic: Of Fire and Ice: A Codex in Crisis: Players who delete the pages of the codex prior to completing the third stage of the quest (shame on you) can obtain the pages again.
* Warlock Epic: The Will of Kyrtoxxulous: Warlocks can now purchase, trade or harvest the harvest items required during the seven stage of their quest. Please note this will only affect those who are not yet on this quest stage.
* Stonebrunt Highlands: The Erudin Chef: Tasting the stew Chef Bahiyya is creating during and after this quest series should provide players with a temporary benefit!
* Butcherblock Mountains: Trozusk’s Challenge: Player should receive the Horn of Challenge upon accepting the quest.
* Jumjum for the Soul: This quest has been slightly simplified, and Shakey scarecrow should now be more accessible.
* Steamfont: Unearthing the Moon: The Grikbar Crater is less dangerous for those attempting to complete this quest.
* Everfrost: Girding of Gunuk: This quest has had its number of kills required drastically reduced.
* The Footsteps of Dartain: Observation: The projected erudite will no longer disappear during conversation.
* In Search of Lucan: Fyr’remd Lorak should no longer disappear during conversation.
* Foomby’s Stolen Goods: The directions in “Bellendis Tempestcall’s” dialog for this quest have been changed for accuracy.
* Dockmaster Waulon at the Butcherblock Mountain Docks now offers his quests to adventurers level 17 or above.
* Shards of the Eye of Stormhammer: The shards needed for this quest should be significantly easier to find and harvest.
* The quest rewards for “Footsteps of Dartain: Ascension”, have been upgraded slightly.
* Stonebrunt Frontier: Sundered Simulacrum and Visual Obfuscation should now function correctly.
* The Willow Wood: Ayr’Dal who don the illusionary form of other races can no longer fool Daelyn Twinstar! He’s on to you!
* It is now possible to do both the tradeskill and the adventuring versions of the sokokar quest lines (from Borbin Happens and Assistant Jones at the dock in Kylong Plains).
* Neriak: Divimar G’Zule now offers her quest “The Dreadguard’s Extracurricular Activities” to those level 50+ and have completed one of her city writs, even if they have completed the quest “Acts of Heresy.”
* Added purpose tags to the NPCs that give out The Hole quests in Paineel.
* Players can no longer turn in the daily mark quests to Jael in The Hole: Contested.
* Players that exit the The Vigilant: Rescue while on Stage 3 (the escort) of The Captain’s Crystal can now speak to Jithir and re-start the escort.
* Players doing the Collect Elemental Cores quest will now be able too properly loot the items with group looting options set to need before greed on legendary+ items.
* Miragul’s Pylactery: Anathema:
o The following quests have had their quest category corrected:
+ Reminders of Miragul
+ Making Sense of Miragul, Part 2
+ Necromantic Neverwhere
+ Watching the Nasins Further
+ A Sorcerous Tune


* Londiar is seeking assistance from adorners in the tradeskill societies of all major cities.
* Iced Pomegranate Ambrosia and Halasian Ice Brew now have stats useful to all archetypes.
* The Harvesting Supply Depot and Tinkered Personal Harvest Depot now store live event tradeskill components.
* Spirit-blessed arrows now have a slightly different icon.
* Void-warped Wood now stacks in piles of up to 200.
* Tinkering recipes of all levels now have events to counter.
* Difficulty levels of greater and superior adorning recipes have been raised slightly, to give a slightly greater chance of a skill up.
* Crafters wearing their Earring of the Solstice may find some more shiny red collectibles around the world.
* Mastercrafted items have received an upgrade to put them more correctly inline between treasured and legendary items.
* Spotted Whips now require Spotted Leather Pelts to make, as you would expect.
* A new introductory crafting quest is available for new players in all 6 home cities or nearby regions (Hate’s Envy in Darklight Wood, the Nursery in Greater Faydark, The Ruins in Freeport, Oakmyst Forest in Qeynos, Gorowyn Island, and on Pilgrims’ Isle outside New Halas.)


* Research Assistants will now mention which spell levels can be upgraded.
* Research times at lower levels have been decreased.  You should be able to research something before out-leveling it now!


* Layout files now have 8 decimal places of accuracy rather than just 2.
* Fix for some items with identical names becoming jumbled when using /load_layout (like guild hall teleporters).
o NOTE: This fix upped the version number of house layout files from 4 to 5. So old layout files will not be able to be loaded.


* Each tower in Smuggler’s Den now has a unique icon on the map.
* Player locations will now be randomized at the beginning of a match (to help prevent players from stacking up on each other).
* Joust will cause the flag and murderball to be dropped (like other teleport related abilities).
* Players who attempt to pick up the relic while inside a respawn area will cause the relic to reset.
* Players on the flying disk in Smuggler’s Den will be returned to the starting spot at the end of the match.
* Your group or raid can no longer queue for a battleground if any member is not permitted to queue for battlegrounds.
* There will no longer be a message “Player has dropped the flag” when Player captures the flag in the Battlefield of Ganak battleground.
* If two teams achieve or exceed the target score for a battleground the match will result in a tie with a tied score.
* Battleground icons (flags, relics etc…) will only show on the current zone and will not show when browsing maps other than the current zone.
* Setting anon or roleplay on your home server to on will no longer get set to off when returning from a battleground.
* Wards now add properly into battleground stats.
* Healing credit for wards will only be awarded for damage prevented by wards not for regenerating of wards.
* When accepting a battleground match while in combat the accept window should re-appear correctly.
* You should now be able to move more freely during pregame of a battleground.
* The battleground score window will show when you enter a battleground even if you have moved the window.
* Pets will now have the team colors of their owners in a battleground.
* You can no longer open the battleground leaderboard window unless there is data to show in that window.
* You will now get credit for cliff jumpers in battleground PVP, assuming you are close enough when they die for credit.
* The following items have been disabled in BGs:
o Bot Made Ice Cream Cart
o Mechanized Platinum Repository of Reconstruction
o Vhalen’s Tribute Band
o Gigglegibber Giggle Giver
o Heat Guided Message in a Bottle
* Gears of Klakanon, Smuggler’s Den, and Battlefield of Ganak are now available in 10-level increments to all players level 30 or higher!
o All participating players will be auto-mentored down to 30 or 40 or whichever ‘base’ level range matches their character.
o New battleground armor sets and accessories are also available for purchase every 10 levels to all players level 30 through 80
o Additionally, level 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 mastercrafted armor has had limited amounts of toughness added, and should serve as excellent ‘starter’ sets for the battlegrounds. The sets remain otherwise unchanged
o Battlegrounds that end in a tie will now reward both teams as though they won
* Gears of Klakanon – the relic now resets as soon as it is dropped
* 1st Campaign armor sets are now available from the Scion of Belamorte! This glimmering golden armor is some of the most powerful yet, and comes with the ability to be adorned with brand new PVP-only Blue adornments!
* There are 20+ brand new blue adornments available for purchase with battlegrounds tokens and usable on the new 1st Campaign armor set!
* Level 30 -> 80 fabled accessories are now available for purchase from the Scion of Belamorte!
o These items for sale include many of the level 80 accessories that previously had their procs disabled in BGs. The procs have had a proc limiter added, and been re-enabled for use!
* There are a number of brand new level 90 fabled accessories for sale from the Scion of Belamorte!
* Force of Mind and Force of Will now trigger an interrupt + 3s daze.
* Capturing points in battlegrounds will now give proper credit for the Usurper achievements.
* Slightly lowered the price of existing battlegrounds armor pieces. The new 1st Campaign armor prices remain unchanged
* Quests that require specific world events will no longer be removed when going into a battlegrounds match if those events are not active.


* Mithaniel Marr should now drop the Bow of Valor.


* Lockout times for these zones have been lowered to match other raid zones in their level range.


* Toxxulia will now drop a staff of calling as part of her treasure table.


* The Acidic Slime should once again drop loot appropriate for its level.


* Killing “Researcher Jal’Dea’s Restless Spirit” will now automatically spawn “Magicmelter the Summoned” in the graveyard knows as “The Saturnine of Hollows”.


* Arkatanthis’ will cast curse of destruction no more than 6 times per min during his fight, regardless of conditions.


* A good amount of polish has been applied to the Roehn Theer fight:
* The Rune of Paixao event has been changed slightly –
o Theer only debuffs 4 players now instead of 6 so that there are an even # of matches
o Instead of players needing to find a target of the opposite charge, they must search for group members with the identical charge
+ Doing so successfully now grants a temporary dps buff
+ Balanced Judgment, the failure to do so, is no longer resistable
o Awe’s damage is now slightly more resistable, it was not intended to nearly insta-gib players
o Theer should no longer occasionally drop loot on a platform that immediately drops down below the killplane
o The killplane in his room should no longer occasionally NOT kill players
o The Runes of Order and Chaos (white/red) should no longer occasionally switch to the other’s previous location
o The Runes of Order and Chaos should also no longer occasionally switch then immediately drop down below the platform
o Approaching Equilibrium now returns to its rune of Origin (where it spawned) if it happens to fall below Roehn Theer’s platform
* Additional drops have been added to the three rune Roehn Theer tables.
* The various spells and buffs and debuffs associated with Roehn Theer’s encounter have had their damage types consolidated in order to make it easier to identify specific events / debuffs.
o For example, all of the rune-square buffs are now trauma effects.
* Increased Roehn Theer’s hitbox slightly so that melee classes do not have to stand quite as close in order to melee him.
* Polar Repulsion’s damage is now mitigate-able.
* The fires that spawn on the corner platforms during Roehn Theer’s encounter are no longer targetable to help prevent occasional issues with tab-targeting during the battle.
* Sage Encounter – The AOE spells for the sages have had their radius reduced.  You now have 10 seconds rather than 5 to complete the HO to remove their prismatic spheres.  Sages will now wait 80 secs from the time their prismatic spheres are removed before recasting the next one.  In hard mode the 3 sages now have lower maximum health.
Game Update #55 - Sentinel’s Fate Expansion (February 16, 2010)

Sentinel’s Fate

* EverQuest II’s sixth expansion, Sentinel’s Fate, is now live! Sentinel’s Fate introduces the fabled lands of Odus, filled with epic quests, magnificent dungeons and limitless content provide the ultimate MMO experience for new players and seasoned veterans alike. Sentinel’s Fate presents the next chapter of the EverQuest II legacy which will be written by the passion of players and fueled by the hunger for adventure. Its features include:
o Achieve your greatest potential with a level cap increase to 90
o Discover two expansive new overland zones, The Sundered Frontier and Stone Brunt Highlands
o Battle through 12 epic dungeon additions
o Experience the legend of Odus through 400 new quests
o Conquer five new Heritage Quests with valuable new loot
o Equip over 2,000 new weapons and pieces of armor and items
o Add all new alternate advancement abilities to your arsenal of powers
o Defeat hundreds of new dangerous and cunning creatures

The Golden Path

* Game Update 55 includes a massive number of focused content improvements, collectively known as the Golden Path. The Golden Path will provide a smooth and fun progression for new characters, starting right in the beginner zones, and continuing all the way up through level 80 to lead into the Sentinel’s Fate expansion. Dozens of new quests have been added, the population of several zones has been streamlined and numerous item rewards have been created!
* The Golden Path is organized, but not completely linear. It begins with the newbie quest progressions for several starting zones: Greater Faydark, Darklight Wood and Timorous Deep. It then flows through Butcherblock, including the newly re-leveled dungeon of Kaladim, and on into the Steamfont Mountains. From there, it branches into Sinking Sands, Everfrost and Lavastorm, followed by the Tenebrous Tangle, the Bonemire and the Barren Sky. At high levels it winds through the savage lands of Kunark, and ultimately leads to Odus.
* The Golden Path includes a great deal of content, and there is even more to come! Enjoy!

nVidia 3D Vision

* EverQuest II now proudly supports nVidia’s 3D Vision technology. A combination of high-tech wireless glasses and advanced software, 3D Vision automatically transforms hundreds of PC games into full stereoscopic 3D. In addition, view movies and digital photographs in eye popping 3D. For more information, follow this link: http://www.nvidia.com/object/3D_Vision_Main.html

Game Update #54 - Will of a Tyrant (December 9, 2009)


* Freeport has been rocked by the sudden destruction of Dethknell Citadel.  What was once an ever-present reminder of The Overlord’s power and will floating above the city has collapsed, and the tenuous peace held within the city by the watchful and ruthless Overlord has been obliterated. Something has obviously befallen Lucan D’Lere, the Overlord of Freeport! Start your investigation into these mysterious events in West Freeport by speaking with Sir Tallen Yevix.
* The destruction and chaos in Freeport has not gone unnoticed by the Qeynosians, but they, too, have encountered some clandestine acts committed against their leaders, the royal house of Bayle.  Help Qeynos recover some stolen texts relating to the history of Enoxus and the Bayle bloodline by speaking with Royal Librarian Brinn in Qeynos Harbor.


* A great deal of effort was put forth in this update to fix as many old, annoying bugs as possible.  Players will notice many existing issues once thought perhaps forgotten are now fixed. All told, nearly 800 bugfixes are in found within GU54, which should help provide a much more polished and streamlined gameplay experience for existing content. As a result, players will notice the patch note section below is significantly longer than in updates past.

Game Update #53 - Shards of Destiny (September 23, 2009)


* The new achievement system gives players a fun new way to track their accomplishments! Most achievements will award players with achievement points that can be used to compare their progress against other players. Some harder to complete achievements will offer non-stat item rewards. The basic categories are General, Dungeons, Exploration, Player vs. Player, Quests, Raids, Tradeskills and Triumphs. Triumphs are large scale achievements that combine multiple achievements into one large one. An example of this would be to do all of the combat, quest, and exploration achievements in a specific area.


* A number of mysterious erudites have set up in Qeynos, Freeport, Neriak, Gorowyn, and Kelethin. Any player level 20 or higher can speak to them and for a small fee temporarily lower their adventuring level.
* This works similarly to mentoring except:
o You do not need a mentoring target.
o You can only choose levels in increments of 5 (10, 15, 20, etc).
o You do not receive the bonuses granted from mentoring other players (currently you receive a very large bonus to AA gain while mentoring another player, this is not granted by the Chronomagic system).
* The chronomagic will last until cancelled (right-click on your nameplate or /unmentor). Once cancelled, you must return to any Timeless Chronomage to reactivate the effect Additionally, 37 new missions have been added that work similar to The Shadow Odyssey’s daily doubles. They task players with slaying various bosses within zones of all levels throughout Norrath And, of course, these missions reward players with an array of exciting new items!

Chronomagic works the same on PvP servers as it does on PvE servers. However, it also has all the same restrictions as mentoring—namely that you cannot engage in PvP combat while the chronomagic effect is on your character. This makes it quite a bit more dangerous on PvP servers, so good luck and be careful!

Game Update #52 - Monument and Might (June 17, 2009)

Emperor’s Athenaeum

* The Order of Rime has managed to re-open this ancient vault of Venril Sathir’s. What secrets lie within? What terrible guardians? Venture in with a single group of adventurers to find out what awaits!

Kunark Overland Quests

* A mysterious army has appeared upon the shores of Kunark and begun pillaging the land and slaughtering those that oppose them.  Citizens of Dreg’s Landing in Kylong Plains, Sathir’s Span in Fens of Nathsar, the City of Jinisk in Kunzar Jungle and Danak’s Upper Command Camp in Jarsath Wastes are looking for your help in learning about the invaders and defeating them.

Kurn’s Tower

* After Najena’s magic revealed the void tear slowly consuming the tower, the Bellywhumpers have frantically dug a passage into Kurn’s Tower once again! Delve into your choice of the x2 raid or the single group instance, and attempt to solve the mysteries within!

Research Assistants

* Research Assistants have moved into many cities in Norrath.  These hardworking men and women will do the research to upgrade a spell or combat art from journeyman to adept or from expert to master.  They will only assist one character per account at a time and only help those level 20 or higher.  Research Assistants can be found in each of the six hoods and villages of Freeport and Qeynos, Neriak, Haven, Gorowyn and Kelethin.  You can ask any guard in those areas to point you in the direction of a Research Assistant if you can’t find them.

Shadow System

* A new shadow system has been implemented for the game.  This new system uses your graphics card to build the shadows rather than your CPU and it comes with a few extras as well.  Using the shadow mapping technique and 3.0 Shaders we’re now able to cast softer shadows, fade shadows, and cast dynamic shadows from trees, plants, feathers, and more!  The new system fixes a few shadowing glitches found in certain armor sets and self-shadowing and depending on your computer’s settings may also significantly improve performance.

Spell Renaming

* All spells have been renamed to have a consistent naming structure across all levels. New spells will now be differentiated by roman numerals.  So you will see Ice Comet, Ice Comet II, and so on in your spell book now.  All combat text will refer to the base name though.  In addition, the tier structure has changed to be more distinct.  Apprentice I – III are now renamed just Apprentice, Apprentice IV is now Journeyman, Adept I is now Adept, Adept III is now Expert, Master I is simply Master and Master II is now Grandmaster.

User Books

* Players can now leave their permanent mark in the world of Norrath by authoring their own books. Empty books will be available from level 50+ sages.  Once you edit the content of an empty book you become the author and from that point forward you are the only one who can edit the book content.  Player-written books are tradable so you can give them to your friends or even sell them on the broker.  Find them on the broker by selecting “user books” under the advanced search options.

Voice Chat

* Station Launcher will soon have a new release with voice capability. It will allow you to start voice chatting as any of your EQII characters before running the client or while patching. Going into game while voice chatting in Station Launcher will be seamless. If you’re already chatting, the client will detect this. If you’re voice chatting as a different character than you’re playing, a new button will appear on the voice bar allowing you to switch (or you may switch in Station Launcher). Station Launcher will also keep voice chat active after the client closes.
* Using voice now requires another application running: EQ2VoiceService.exe.  If you have a firewall application, please make sure that you allow this application access to the Internet.

Game Update #51(March 31, 2009)


Appearance Slots

* Players now have access to primary, secondary and ranged appearance slots. 
* The wield style (one-handed, two-handed, shield) of the weapons must match the weapons that are currently equipped.

Bristlebane’s Day

(3/31/2009 - 4/8/2009) Jesters, thieves, bards and fans of mischief are invited to enjoy the festivities that surround Bristlebane’s Day! You never know what laughs and pranks are to be found, during this enjoyable time of year. Celebrators are present in every home city, and the oddest of objects have been spotted in Antonica, The Commonlands, Darklight Wood, Timorous Deep and Greater Faydark! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for special events occurring only on the highest of silly days, 4/1/2009!


Lots of brand new content has been added in this classic zone. Almost all of the population has be re-tiered for solo players, with a new level 45 to 55 adventure quest line with the industrious…but rather insane Sootfoot goblins, and a new level 40-45 tradeskill quest line. Brand new void invaded areas also feature new level 80 solo quests. Additionally, a solo-able daily shard quest had been added as well as mount paths and additional teleporters to make traversing the zone much easier!

Game Update Notes #51 - 60

Game Update #50 - The Shadow Odyssey Expansion (November 18, 2008)
Game Update #49 (October 7, 2008)
Game Update #48 (September 3rd, 2008)
Game Update #47 (July 31st, 2008)
Game Update #46 (June 17th, 2008)
Game Update #45 (May 13th, 2008)
Game Update #44 (April 8th, 2008)
Game Update #43 (March 4th, 2008)
Game Update #42 (February 6, 2008)
Game Update #41 (December 12, 2007)

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