EQ2 - Rat Tales - Episode 2

Zal | 24 November 2008 | 1 Comment

Hello again and welcome to the PvP report I like to call Rat Tales. Last week we had some reorganization of our merry band and this week was primarily about getting the new toons caught up to everyone else. Along the way we had some ISP issues, some client issues, and some fun.

There are 2 of us that made new toons and need to make up ground on those that have ran ahead to level 20—my Ratonga Inquisitor, unusual combo I am told, and RogueSlayers Ratonga Assassin. As a bit of history, Rogue took on the Assassin role I vacated, I took on the Inquisitor role vacated by Stormy, and Stormy took on the ShadowKnight role previously held by Rogue. Are you confused yet? I am and I was there. Stormy had already gotten his SK much further along than Rogue and I so he mentored down to help us run some basic quests. By the way, mentoring is significantly different on a PvP server. In a regular quest there isn’t much difference, but in a PvP fight the mentor is pretty much a bystander—bad juju. I will get back to that subject in a bit. As luck would have it… Rogue was the one with connection issues from his ISP and his progress was less than it would have been had his ISP been doing their job. In addition, I was the one with client issues, but made five levels even though there were multiple crashes. Group size fluctuated a bit as we ran quests and killed slugs, wolves, werewolves, vampires, drakes, bears, Sableflames, spiders, snakes, beetles, and mushroom people. You know… just your normal forest fare! We still have a little more leveling to do, but we are close to leaving Darklight Woods—something I believe most of us are very ready to do.

Many of the quests at this level come from the denizens of Wanderlust Fair [a.k.a. “The Kill Zone”]. This is where those looking for an easy gank of low level toons tend to hang out. It makes perfect sense really as the PvP level restriction for the zone is 4, many lock their toons around 20, and the level of the players visiting Wanderlust Fair is mid-teens. It is a safe bet that you will see more toons with a “Hunter” or “Slayer” title around Wanderlust Fair than total players in The Commonlands. This is where we experienced our only PvP confrontation of the day. We were turning in quests and got jumped. Truth be told… I never saw them. I was talking to an NPC and saw a health bar go yellow. Being a healer I threw a heal spell at the player and called out that we were under attack. We hung in there for a bit, but I got stunned and couldn’t cast anything for some time—I am sure others did too. When I ran out of energy I ran and the last thing I saw were the notes flying off the ball of energy that whacked me. I am not sure what it was, but it wasn’t like any tune Mick Jagger ever sung. I don’t believe anyone escaped death at that point, but something pulled them away as they didn’t loot out chests and I didn’t see them when I rezzed; but I didn’t see them before either. It was an odd encounter to be sure. We only had one other PvP opportunity that day and the player turned and ran when our group was in sight.

You recall when I said I would get back to the mentoring deal… Well here it is. Our SK was mentored when the aforementioned attack took place and he later said he couldn’t do anything. That wasn’t necessarily a surprise to some of us. Previously toons that were mentored down couldn’t heal the group or interact in PvP battles. This seems inconvenient at first and maybe it is. It certainly reduces the ability of higher level toons in PvP fights. I sort of think it might be a good thing. Think about how easily you can kill mobs when mentored in an instance or zone. If higher level toons were that strong in a PvP fight there would be a serious balance issue. I am not one to complain about game balance, but others do and I see both sides. The other aspect, ultimately the more important aspect, is that I believe our group will be stronger if we work and stay together. By virtually requiring that our toons remain similar levels, to avoid the need for mentoring, we will build better cooperation, better friendships, and a stronger team than others on this server. Will that make us the best PvPers on Nagafen… probably not, but we will win battles and run toons that choose to attack us to the nearest portal. Most importantly we will have some great fun!

Our toons are leveling… our team is growing… Level 20 is upon us and the shadow of Butcherblock Mountain stands in our path.

Hey! Who moved my cheese?!?!


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