EQ2 - Rat Tales - Episode 3

Zal | 4 December 2008 | 1 Comment

This week finds us headed off to Greater Faydark to complete the Heritage quest “In Honor and Service.” At the start of the day a little preparation was in order.  Most of us were in need of armor and spells and apparently a lap in the warm-up pool to loosen up for Greater Faydark. :) We also learned that one of our members, who shall remain nameless, has an uncanny knack for finding mushrooms—I am not sure what that says about them, but hey, it’s what I got. :)

For those of you on the Najena server that were fortunate enough to come in to this guild when everything was rolling and the guild hall was on the verge of completion, like myself, you should start new on this server or another at least once.  I am totally spoiled by all of the groundwork done by our Old Guard forefathers.  I can craft in relative luxury with a bank of supplies and all I need do is mention that I need better this or that and someone will volunteer to help—mats and fuel not necessarily included, but a small price to pay to be sure.  Those of you who have been around awhile hang with me whilst I attempt to feebly describe what happens.  I already said we needed upgrades and that means crafting to our group.  Why crafting?  Well, first we need the skill and second we have no money.  So this armorer fellow that has been dragging his feet (ahem… Juju) finally begins to make some armor for his guild mates.  Our scribe was making some spells, our provisioner was cooking some food, and our weaponsmith was doing his thing too.  Resources common to multiple recipes are being passed around and items were being traded upon completion.  While there is certainly something to be said for the ease that one can craft in the guild hall—that crafting room is awesome—there was something about all of us working and trading that made it fun if not interesting.  In the end we were better equipped and ready to invade Greater Faydark.

Greater Faydark… Ah… the pleasant rain forest of EQ2.  I know many will disagree, but this place is way too happy for me.  :) I fully accept that I am the old crotchety child of unmarried parents here, but I feel like Hexxus slinking around the trees in hopes that Crysta and Magi Lune will not show up with Batty Koda and Zak to send me back into the magic tree forever! :) Yes… my daughter was a huge Ferngully fan.  I will say it is very pretty there and I do like it, but it’s more fun to be a grouch sometimes. :) I know one thing for sure and that is if we had a Magi Lune in the guild it would be Zal.  I mean, she found everyone mushroom in the forest and was done gathering the fungi and jumping up and down to show us where they were before we could pick up the one she just showed us.  Now that is some serious “in touch with nature” skills that only a wizened Magi could have learned in Ferngully.  I swear she whispered “help it grow” at least once in guild chat too.  Sorry Zal… couldn’t resist.  :) Now we just need to figure out whether Paden or Rogue is Zak because we all know Stormy is Batty Koda and I have volunteered for the role of Hexxus.  :)

So now you got the picture… We are evil toons in “happyland” with Magi Lune showing us where to pick up the magic mushrooms needed for this HQ while trying to stay out of sight since any goody would be happy to send us back to Darklight Woods.  This is where we learned something new about PvP servers.  See… that’s the best thing.  We learn something new every week.  :) When a player goes into a city of the opposite alignment you become “Carnage Flagged” for 15 minutes.  Carnage flagged, say it with me now, carnage flagged, doesn’t that sound like fun.  Well… it is.  It means that anyone of the opposite alignment of any level can attack you with impunity.  Fun!!  And… as you guessed… that is exactly what happens.  We are picking up Dwarven War Artifacts when we notice a 70+ goody looking at us.  At first we thought he went away—not so much—turns out he was just trying to figure out which one of us is his best chance for a one shot kill.  So… after he hit me once, from stealth—as if that was necessary, I had time to look around.  His name was Destroyer Kwikkillz Specialist and best I can tell we made his Sunday afternoon.  I mean, he didn’t have to be much of a specialist to get a quick kill when he found us.  :) For those of you keeping track at home that would be 5 quick kills.  A few moments later we were all revived and re-buffed and sans carnage flag.  We picked up the rest of the items we needed and headed back to town to give the flag a refresh.  :)

All in all it was a pretty good day; the guild gained over a level when we finished the quest, we all got some personal xp too, and we only got whacked once.  We didn’t have any opportunities to hand out a little butt kickin’ ourselves as no one within our level wandered close, but it was fun just the same.  I will say it again… I am enjoying the PvP server more than I thought I would.  Maybe because of the people here or maybe it’s the fun of building something from the ground up.  I am not really sure, but I do know that you can’t go wrong with a group of TOG members and whatever the reason I am here to stay.
Till next time…

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