EQ2 - Rat Tales - Episode 4

Zal | 9 December 2008 | 1 Comment

Another week of PvP fun is in the books.  We had a good group this week, but some folks were missing with RL issues coming first; as they should.  Zal, Rogue, Stormy, Evad, and I were ready for some PvP fun just the same and the day was interesting to be sure.  Rogues new Assassin still needed a couple levels to get to 20 and we need everyone to be close on level as possible—see my previous Rat Tale for more info.  So we decided to finish up his quests and a few that we all still had in Darklight woods.  That place is amazing for reasons I have already discussed.  Here is where it starts to get fun…

When we zoned out of Neriak there were 2 level 22’s waiting for us.  They were both exiled and clearly waiting for anyone to show up and have a fight.  They made quick work of us and I narrowly escaped by running back to Neriak.  They zoned in after me and ran right past me into the city.  I am still not sure if they never saw me or had somewhere else to be.  :) After seeing a few lower level goodies, which we couldn’t attack, we needed to go to Wanderlust Fair to turn in some quests.  There is always a frenzy of activity there and today was no different.  We had another skirmish with a team of goodies that were Hunters and Slayers, of course, and they added to their titles with a few of us.  :)

We proceeded with our quests and someone noticed a goodie, a Q, a player from the town of Qeynos, in other words someone we could send home horizontally. He was fairly hard to miss as he ran through the middle of our group.  I suppose he could have stopped and stuck out his tongue, but that wasn’t on his mind apparently.  :) I don’t recall his name… I don’t recall anything about him other than he felt the wrath of our frustrations.  He was close to making an escape—like in the doorway to Nek Forest close—when Evad rooted him for the second time.  He fought back, but it wasn’t much of a fight as all of us casted or swung whatever we had in his direction.  You know you are in trouble when even the healers in the group are casting offensive spells.  Now I know it wasn’t what anyone could call sporting, but you know there isn’t much “sporting” going on over here.  We have been hunted, slayed, destroyed, and otherwise assaulted because of level or guild or opportunity or whatever.  This time we returned the favor.  And… you know a Q in Darklight woods was not just tooling around looking for jum jum.  :)

I had to go shortly after that and I hear they handed out one more defeat after I logged.  This conflict was initiated by the Q!  They whacked Zal (healer), then Stormy (pseudo-tank), then Rogue (ah… he would be our rogue:) ), and failed to realize that Evad was nuking him whilst he whacked on the others—that is, until he got down to just Evad.  Evad finished him off and they all thought that was that until he showed up while the group was battling Thexians to 2-shot Evad and run away with all the speed buffs he could manage.  Seems he wanted a little payback himself.  :)

Therein lies the rub… there are always consequences and repercussions.  We started with the mindset of a normal TOG player and left goodies et al to their own devices.  Maybe because we were unsure of our abilities or because that was how we play our games; I don’t know.  Either way… After 20 levels of random attacks and one shot kills by practiced hit men, murderers, thugs, and the like we have gone on the attack.  Just as the goodie that returned for Evad, we shall return some favors along the way.  Will we die some more?  Yep.  There are too many good players with a head start over here.  Will we take some with us?  You bet!

I keep telling them I have no cheese, but they keep trying to kill me for it just the same.  J


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