EQ2 - Rat Tales - Episode 5

Zal | 17 December 2008 | 2 Comments

It was a cold and wintery day in Neriak and the snow men and candy canes were ready for the season.  Our merry group finally formed as someone was running late—must have been that rat named Juju. :) With the change of season and all the excitement we decided it was time for some place new.  Actually we decided last week it was time for some place new, but the story is better this way.  :) So Butcherblock it is and various bells and boats took us on our way. 

Butcherblock was a place that I had not spent a lot of time questing in the past and I was excited about killing some yarpsnarls and aviaks.  I knew there were quests to be done and fun to be had in this mountainous world.  The holiday season had not penetrated this land, but it was good to be there just the same.  Paden, Rogue, Zal, Evad, Stormy, and I arrived on the docks and quickly gathered all the quests we could find.  Including the lesser advertised lore and legend and PvP writs.  As we ran up the ramp toward the mobs that waited I think the excitement grew for us all.

Once we had our plan together we pulled a group that was close to the ramp and started to work.  Then, as if I should be surprised, an add!  Wait, this is no ordinary add, this is a player.  Some ass-hat has decided he would wait in stealth for players to attack a mob and then jump on them for an easy kill.  Now usually I try to get the toons name as that makes it a little more interesting, but this time I wanted the name.  I mean really how sad can one be to play on a PvP server and need the help of some level 20 yarpsnarls to get a kill.  I took his name from the log and did some research on the web and his name and title, yes… title, is the Slayer Tsunamikata—no guild, no hope, no fabled gear.  The glorious and well mannered Slayer Tsunami decided his first target should be the Ratonga standing at the rear of our group.  Why me… I don’t know… I might have been the first one he got to.  It might be because he said… “Let’s kill the dirty rat!” Or, “that inquisitor must die!” Whatever the reason he decided it was me—quite possibly his first mistake.  And, he hit me very hard right out of the box; but not hard enough.  We have 2 healers and I don’t know what Zal was doing during this, but I know what I was doing.  I cast Soothing Sermon to not only help my situation but to continue to help the group.  That slowed the decline of my health bar and then I moved to see if he would follow me and he did.  Does anyone else see the onset of mistake #2?  :) He continued to hammer on me, total implementation of mistake #2, and I cast heal after heal on myself and even snuck in a flail shot here and there.  I checked my energy and it was beginning to get a little low so I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep this up much longer.  I checked his bar and it was looking a little red.  In fact it was fading pretty darn fast.  It was about this time that he decided it was time to go.  Unfortunately for him a decision made a tad too late—uh… that would be #3.  As he ran the DOT’s continued to eat him and he died before he could get out of sight.  Oh my… how sad… He was so fixated on the rat that he didn’t notice, or ignored, that the rest of my group was whipping his arse!  We have the best guildmates in the game; bar none.

How embarrassing that must have been to the Slayer Tsetse Fly to have used such despicable tactics to gain an easy kill and wind up dead on the run.  I mean really… a Slayer title… a higher level—level 24 to be exact… and he couldn’t kill a little old rat like me.  Well. To be honest, one on one would most likely have been different, but I didn’t pick the fight.  TOG just ended it and we split Tiramisu’s loot.
Teamwork… this is what I, and others, have been talking about on this server.  We play as a group and we fight as a group and we level as a group and we succeed as a group.  If we had been out of synch in terms of level one of the pieces would not have fit and one of us would have died—probably me—and maybe more.  We succeeded by everyone working as a team; the nukers nuked, the healers healed, and the tank tanked.  I didn’t mention what happened to the 3 or 4 Yarpsnarls we had already pulled, but they died too.  While the numbers were in our favor, from a PvP perspective, on this server that doesn’t necessarily insure success.  We have fought singles and doubles before and lost.  In this case, I believe, it was because our team is coming together.  We talked and we won.  We worked together and we prevailed.  There will be other losses without a doubt, but this is coming together.  What a guild… what a group… what fun we have had and oh the fun that is yet to come.


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