EQ2 - Rat Tales Episode 6

Juju | 15 January 2009 | 1 Comment

Howdy All!!  I trust we had a nice holiday break and that we are ready for life to return to normal.  I know I am! :) We actually got underway 2 weeks ago and real life kept me from putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be.  So today you get a two-fer.  :)

The first Sunday back found us headed for Butcherblock Mountain to work on a few more quests.  As it turned out we worked on one quest over and over again, but the guild status was well worth it.  From a pure PvP perspective we had a pretty good day; we were 2-1.  A couple of things were quite interesting to me… 1. In this zone people will come back for another beating.  2.  We are getting better at this.  In Darklight Woods there were trained killers hangin’ about.  Here it seems to be more players just leveling along and a smattering of trained Killers.  I can’t speculate why at this point, but it is refreshing just the same.  Our first victim, for whatever reason, decided he needed another shot at us.  We were more than happy to oblige and sent him back to the docks pretty quickly.  I asked myself this question a couple of times… “Why would they come back for more?” I later answered my own question and I will get to that in a bit.  I am also curious why someone would stand and fight a group.  I mean 1 vs 5 is going to be tough no matter how good you are.  So, is that over-confidence shining through or is it that they are just frozen by fear?  Maybe I am wrong, but in that circumstance, I am planning to run immediately… the old pirate adage… fight to run away to fight another day.

The second group was obviously hunters and they made quick work of our casters, anyone else still standing, and then disappeared.  This is the opposite side of that coin… this was 3 vs 5 and we stood in and fought until they had the number advantage.  The odd thing here is that once they had the advantage, they had turned it into a 3 vs 1 advantage, they went somewhere else… never saw them again.  That is the mix in Butcherblock… players and hunters.  We have singles that come back for more and groups that hit and run.  Not really good or bad… just different than Darklight Woods.  I will say that in the case of PvP, like PvE, a little level never hurts.

This past Sunday we needed to do some gathering.  In the beginning Zal, Evad, Rogue, and I got together to do just that and Stormy came in a bit later.  The only downside to gathering was that I had not gathered on my “new” toon.  I know some of you read the “Tale” where we shuffled our toons and I have been “draggin’ me feet” on that aspect of my Inquisitor.  So while most of the group went to Thundering Steppes to gather I went to Darklight Woods to raise the harvesting skills above 20 and then to the Commonlands to get to 90 or better.  While I was gathering in the Commonlands I answered my previous week’s question of “Why would one come back for more?” I was gathering anything I could find around the ShinRee when I was struck by an arrow.  A ranger had gotten behind me and fired twice before I could react.  I cast Vitae, then a couple of offensive spells, and he decided that melee was better than ranged—maybe because my previously red bar was now green and going up with each attack—so he came to me.  That’s when the ShinRee that were grey to me attacked him as they were not grey to him.  He fled.  Running is a virtue on a PvP server.  :) Now I knew I was higher in level but I did not know anything more about this player.  I could have left as he was gone.  I could have stood were I was as the ShinRee were tantamount to my own personal undead army in this case, but I choose to go about my gathering business.  I found the ranger again… away from my army and totally off guard.  When he came out of hiding I knew what was going to happen and I turned to run for my skeletons, but was rooted and whacked before I could get there.  I learned 2 things here… 1. One is not always coming back for another butt kicking—it is that what they need happens to be there.  2.  Always keep Vitae up when working alone in the area of your previous defeat.  I saw the player one more time hiding under a tree—I think everyone can see through stealth. :) I cast Vitae and he ran… I suppose because he lacked the advantage in this battle. 

I hope it isn’t a secret at this point that we are enjoying PvP, I included, and this group arrangement had us in separate zones and talking in guild chat.  I found one of the hardest things to date was listening to them talk about the PvP battle that was going on and not be able to heal or help in any way; it was a good indication that I like PvP in EQ2 more than even I knew myself.  It has been a lot of fun running around in a group with TOG to be sure, that feeling was there on Sunday, but I couldn’t join the PvP battles while in the other zone.  They were victorious on a couple of occasions and not so much on another that I recall.  All I really wanted to during those battles was join in.

It took most of 2 hours for me to get all my skills to 90, fishing excluded, and I went to meet them in Thundering Steppes.  I had done very little there and the Griffon Towers quest was needed for me to move effectively in that zone.  When we got to the South East tower, eggs gathered and quest done, they noticed one of their previous attackers jumping off the tower.  He was all alone, he ran, and we began to chase.  The chase was, shall we say, exciting and went something like this.  There was talk that higher level guild members had been called to help him before he initiated the second encounter as the first battle went in TOG’s favor… Now, at the beginning of the third encounter, he must be running us to his other guild members… our scout saw the names of his mates in the tracking list… we still gave chase… it was re-iterated that he was just running us to his mates… Stormy said “You can remind my corpse of that when you catch up!” He jumped into the Dead River Basin and was attacked by Skeletons and yet he ran… his guild mates names fell off the tracking list… we pursued like a train threatening to come off the tracks as we navigated the ravine and the mobs that blocked our way… chasing our quarry to the end of his energy… chasing… closing… a spell was cast… just as the docks were about to be in sight Evad got a root on him… and Stormy hit him a couple of times… I cast Soothing Sermon, since I was hoping he would make a stand and feared that his mates may show up… I got one other spell off… I don’t know who else got there and did what, but he broke the root and was off again… when he got to the docks he thought he was safe and stopped running… immunity takes about 30 seconds to kick in, like everything else over here, and he didn’t have it yet… we hit him with everything we had… realizing that immunity had not started, out of energy, all 5 of his pursuers gathering quickly, and his only hope was to run… he did… all the way down the docks and into the water… it was long enough for him… too late for us… he had his immunity and we could do nothing except look at the lion through the immunity bars.  He knew it.  We knew it.  I am pretty sure no one was physically winded, but I think we felt virtually winded as we had chased with all we had.  We almost succeeded, but alas our target had eluded us.  He eventually used a bell to travel to another land and we called it a day on the docks.

That was sad for us in some ways as we would like to have handed out a little retribution, but it was a good lesson.  He knew that he had no chance on his own and ran… ran for all he had… and found sanctuary just where he expected it to be.  I learned this lesson a long time ago and it is still true… when trying to find a way to win it isn’t always straight ahead of you.  And… in the case of PvP… there is no substitute for a good root.  Now that I think about it… Maybe that applies to other aspects of life too! :)

Y’all come back now… Y’hear!


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