Rat Tales: A game of cat and mouse

RogueSlayer | 31 July 2009 | 6 Comments

Rat Tales Episode 6

Rat Tales Returns or Run for the Border

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Rat Tales - Episode 5

Of Mice and Men… Women too for that matter

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Rat Tales - Episode 4
Consequences and Repercussions

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Rat Tales - Episode 3
Let the “Carnage” Begin

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Rat Tales - Episode 2

“Wanderlust Fair” or “The Kill Zone”


Rat Tales - Episode 1
Howdy all… It was suggested that we needed a way to share our fun with others in the guild and that a few more folks playing on this server wouldn’t hurt either. Since we are less than level 20… now is a good time. And… we don’t want to recruit outside of TOG at the moment. I agreed and thought maybe I could try my hand at a story or an account of what happened during our weekly forays into the land of PvP. Since I am not a writer and I didn’t take any notes yesterday and I have slept since then I will beg your indulgence for my ramblings; at least this week!  Read more » 

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