EQ2 - Rat Tales - Episode 1

Zal | 15 November 2008 | 0 Comments

Truth be told I look forward to Sunday afternoons more than normal now. It is because of our PvP group. I have never been committed to PvP as some others have, but have always played it to some degree. This group is different, as with all things TOG, I suspect it is due to the people more than the surroundings. This week was a tad different as well in that we had to take some time for planning. After the business was done Zal said “OK, who wants an invite so we can go kill something?” These are my kind of people and I do worry about Swift from time to time.

We had seven folks today; Zal, Rogue, Paden, Evad, Stormy, Avrid, and myself. We broke into two groups and set about fetching carpets for those that did not have them yet. Just as an aside, really cheap way to get a mount, but y’all already knew that didn’t you? Most everyone had the Jimbo quests done and those that didn’t hurried to get the cure whilst the others waited at the camp.

My group was ready to go over to hand in the cure first and Paden, Avrid, Stormy, and I headed that way. This is where the first bit of fun starts. I should also say that as part of the meeting I switched to an Inquisitor. Now this was my first time playing this role in this game on this server. I know… no excuses. When we got to the second camp there was a goody toon just waiting to pick on some unsuspecting player wandering around in search of D.I.R.T.Y money. Where did they put the S.E.X.Y. money? Can a brother get some of that?!?! Anyway, long story short… he got his wish! Paden died whilst I searched for my buttons. I know I put those heal spells somewhere? Avrid was holding his own when I found them and I healed him until I ran out of energy. When he went down, I got hit… turned to run and got away clean. Seemed to good to be true!! But, it wasn’t because of my wonderful Ratonga running skills… some other toons had showed up to whack him. Hmmmm… glad they did, but I think we all thought that was our job.

Of course we had to go back and forth and we knew little goody toon dude was going to be back… and he was. This time things turned out a bit different. We had members of both groups there and the healer who shall remain nameless actually knew where the heal spells where this time… Handy things… spells! After a short battle he was seeing the error of his ways and a new rez location. A cheer went up in voice chat as we had won this small battle. Progress has been made. You know I don’t recall the toons name, a level 24 Fury I believe, and the only other time I saw him the rest of the day he was standing on the hill and turned to go the other way. Things that make you go Hmmmm…

We had some normal fun at that point… We went to kill some Wisps and some of us got lost. I hear there is this one feller that cant seem to find out how to get to Qeynos from the guild hall… but thats another story. When we were turning in the quests we got jumped again and another toon found the rez point in that area. We all got carpets or at least much closer as one of us had to go before the task could be finished.

I hear that there are alts and crafters being made over here too. We are having some good fun building a guild from the ground up and getting to know each other a little better. I can understand if PvP isn’t for you, I wasn’t sure it was for me. Of course, you should feel free to stop in and visit some Sunday. We usually play from 2PM EST to 5PM EST. Level 20 is in sight, but it isn’t too late to start.

Until next week…

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