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We are known as The Old Guard in the lands of Norrath, a friendly, casual level 80 guild that has been going strong since beta. We are committed to enjoying our gaming experiences and building friendships as we do.

The Old Guard is made up of players mainly from Australia and the United States, although we boast members from most all continents. We consist of players just beginning their adventures in the lands of Norrath to seasoned level 80 veterans. We span all adventuring classes from Bards to warriors and everything in between as well as all crafting classes from Alchemists to Woodworkers.

The Old Guard features dedicated officers and members, regular adventuring groups, a beautifully decorated Guild Hall with a state of the art crafting facility and enough room for any one who wants to join us in bashing a few orcs and giants.

Interested in venturing into the MMORPG genre and exploring the lands of Norrath? If you are a TOG member then head on over and give EQII a peek. Not a member of TOG? Then you should have a look here for more information about joining The Older Gamers community.

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