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Category:Adventuring -> Races
Hearty and strong, Barbarians never back away from a just conflict.  Barbarians are loyal companions and unforgiving enemies. They are tall, powerful humanoids, often blessed with great muscle mass. Barbarians are known for wearing their emotions on their sleeves and have no problem with telling someone exactly what they think. They will gladly back up their boasts with a show of force.

Racial Traditions

Tundra SlamA damaging attack that knocks back the target and stuns them for a short duration.
Halasian AuthorityBarbarians have always been well known as one of the strongest races on Norrath. Halasian Authority grants them an additional 5 strength.
Barbaric RageWhen the Barbarian gets low on health they become filled with rage improving their defensive skills until their health improves.
Sprint into BattleAllows the Barbarian to use less power when sprinting initially and improves their maximum speed while sprinting.
Battle ReprieveNever one to rest for long, the Barbarian gains improved health regeneration while out of combat plus some additional strength.
Tribal StrengthGrants the Barbarian an additional 3% to their maximum health.
BlizzardBorn in the frost of Everfrost, Barbarians have adapted to the cold over time making them more resistant to cold based attacks
Defender of EverfrostGrants the Barbarian an additional chance to hit multiple targets or critical heal. The Barbarian also gets improved skill in parry or minstration. The abilities gained depend on the barbarians profession.
BrewmasterGrants the Barbarian an additional chance to succeed while making food or drink.
HerbologyGrants the Barbarian additional skill in Alchemy.