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Category:Adventuring -> Races
Mentally sharp and morally virtuous, the good-natured Frogloks strive to purge villainy and corruption from Norrath.  Frogloks were touched by the hand of the god of valor, Mithaniel Marr. They rapidly evolved from short, flimsy amphibians into a race that is both wise of spirit and formidable in battle. Over 400 years ago, their deity blessed them with a heightened intellect and enhanced physical features.

Racial Traditions

Marr’s Glorious BladeA low damage melee attack that hits your surrounding targets.
Natural AcrobatNaturally skilled at jumping through the air, the Frogloks gain additional agility.
Astounding LeapCauses the Froglok to jump to a nearby spot causing them to lose hate with the target.
Soft LandingNot only can the Frogloks jump well but they also take less damage when falling.
Crusader’s RespiteAllows the Froglok to regenerate health faster while out of combat.  The Froglok’s wisdom is also increased for the duration of the spell.
Spontaneous MetamorphosisGrants the Froglok additional maximum
Cold BloodedCold blooded creatures can adapt to a variety of temperatures allowing the Froglok to be more resistant to cold and heat attacks.
Valor in BattleGrants the Froglok a chance to double attack or an improved chance to critical heal as well as additional skill in crushing or ministration based on their profession.
Fervor of MarrFrogloks take pride in creating intricate weapons. Their skill in making weapons allows them to use less power than normal.
Zealotry of MarrGrants the Froglok armorer an increased chance to succeed.