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Category:Adventuring -> Races
Caught between the cultures of the Elves and Humans, Half Elves have struggled to establish their own society.  They are known for their fierce determination and independent spirit.  The Half Elves are rebellious which seems to show through in their hair styles and garb. They have grown somewhat rebellious as a result of exile and refer to themselves as Ayr’Dal, a term derived from the old elven word for “misfit.”

Racial Traditions

Piercing StabA medium damage piercing attack that debuffs the targets physical mitigation.
Elven ReflexesHalf Elves are blessed with remarkable agility from their Elven heritage.
Misfit’s TrickeryThe Half Elf is able to trick their opponent causing them to drop down the hate list.
Tend WoundsThe Half Elf gains additional health regen while out of combat while additionally receiving extra strength.
Forest NavigationHalf Elves can quickly navigate through dense forests like their Elven cousins. As a result, Half Elves gain additional movement speed while out of combat.
HardinessThe Half Elf shares some qualities of both Humans and Elves granting them additional health and power.
Rebellious SpiritThe Half Elf gains additional resistance to magical attacks.
Mixed KnowledgeSharing in the knowledge of their Human and Elf cultures, half Elves gain additional ranged and spell critical chances as well as additional ranged and focus skill depending on their profession.
Ayr’Dal AdornmentGrants the Half Elf additional skill in artificing.
Gift of the FaydarkAs part of their Elven heritage, Half Elves are skilled woodworkers. They receive an additional chance to succeed while woodworking.