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Category:Adventuring -> Races
The fair-skinned High Elves embody nobility and wisdom.  They are benevolent people who strive for order and discipline, though some consider their stoic nature a sign of arrogance.  Their Wood Elf cousins exist chiefly to do their bidding and most other good races are merely tolerated. Evil races, especially their mortal enemies the Dark Elves, are worthy only of a quick and efficient death.

Racial Traditions

Fury of FelwitheA fire based attack that hits enemies surrounding the High Elf.
Elven WisdomGrants the High Elf additional points of wisdom.
Graceful MovementsThe High Elves may be one of the wiser and more intelligent of the Elven races but they still possess the defensive grace of the other Elves.  Graceful movements grants the High Elf additional skill in parry and defense.
Harrmonious MindThe High Elf enters into a meditative state that grants them additional out of combat power regeneration.  They also gain additional wisdom for the duration of the spell.
Connoisseur of Fine WinesThe High Elves really enjoy sipping and savoring the flavor of their wines granting them additional duration to their drinks.
Arcane KnowledgeHigh Elves excel with magical abilities.  Their aptitude for magic gives them increased maximum power.
Tenet of Takish’HizThe High Elf gains additional resistance to magical attacks.
Training of the Koada’DalGrants the High Elf an additional chance to critical damage or heal spells.  They also gain additional skill in disruption or ministration.  The bonuses depend on their chosen profession.
Esoteric StudyGrants the High Elf additional skill in scribing.
Gilding of FelwitheGrants the High Elf additional skill in jewelcrafting.