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Category:Adventuring -> Races
Sometimes wise and sometimes foolish, humans are capable of both remarkable ingenuity and startling brutality. Humans are diverse in nearly every aspect of their abilities and culture. They possess a wide range of physical features, and their values and principles are equally varied. Capable of both amazing deeds of kindness and thoughtless acts of cruelty, they have risen to prominence among many of the older races.

Racial Traditions

Bayle’s StrikeA quick precise slashing attack.
PerseveranceHumans have found a way to survive all over Norrath. As a result of their surviving many climates, the Humans gain additional stamina.
DiplomacyHumans prefer peace over battle. Diplomacy lowers the aggro radius of the target encounter for a short duration.
Tend WoundsGrants the Human additional out of combat health regeneration in addition to extra strength.
Urban SprawlHumans can be found in most of the cities across Norrath and thus gain reduced recast time for the city call spells.
RuggednessWith their ability to easily adapt to a variety of conditions, Humans gain additional stamina.
Environmental AdaptabilityHumans have adapted to many of Norrath’s environments and gain additional resistance to both heat and cold.
VersatilityIn times of war, Humans can make fine warriors. With such a broad adventure background, Humans gain additional crushing, piercing, slashing and ranged skill.
ClothierAs their population continues to grow, Humans have become quite adept at fashioning clothes quickly. As a result, Humans gain additional chance to succeed every round while tailoring.
DiversityHumans are a broad culture that practices many different tradeskills. As a result, Humans gain additional skill in all tradeskill professions.