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Category:Adventuring -> Races
Calculating and cold, the Iksar are a powerful reptilian race whose history is defined by conflict.  They are a harsh but disciplined people who delight in cruelty and conquest.  The Iksar are a very strong race, well-suited for the physical combat styles of the fighter classes. Their keen intellect allows them to be powerful mages, with a definite emphasis on dark forms of magic. Their cunning nature allows them to be excellent scouts.

Racial Traditions

Venomous StrikeA poisonous attack that does upfront damage along with recurring damage over time.
Honed BodyIksar are a very agile race and gain additional agility.
Tough ScalesThe Iksar have thick scales that grant them additional defense skill.
Proficient SwimmerIksar are not only proficient on land but also in the water.  They have learned to hold their breath under water for long periods of time much like other reptiles.
Reptilian GraceGrants the Iksar reduced damage from falling.
Legacy of the ShissarGrants the iksar additional health.
Greenmist SalvationThe hard scale armor of the iksar also make them very resistant to disease.
Venril’s GuidanceThe Iksar gain an additional chance to critically hit their foes with melee or spell based damage. The Iksar are also superior defenders gaining additional skill in parry and focus.
Dark MedicineSkilled in the art of alchemy, iksar gain additional skill in chemistry.
WhipstichGrants the Iksar a reduction in power cost while tailoring.