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Category:Adventuring -> Races
Wood Elves are pleasant and friendly.  Fierce protectors of the woodlands, they will do battle with any who dare to taint the purity of nature.  Wood Elves love celebration and song, dedicating their lives to the praise of their creator, Tunare. Their welcoming and accepting nature has led to close ties with other races, especially Humans. This particular closeness has, in turn, sired the vast majority of the Half Elf race.

Racial Traditions

Forest FireThe Wood Elf envelops their surrounding enemies in a wave of flames.
Wisdom of the FaydarkGrants the Wood Elf additional points of wisdom.
Light FootedKnowledge of quickly moving through the forest undergrowth has given the Wood Elves additional movement speed while snared.
Natural RecoveryGrants the Wood Elf additional out of combat power regeneration and stamina.
Elvish SpiritsThe Wood Elves are known to be connoisseurs of fine wines granting them additional duration to consumed drinks.
Vitality of the Fier’DalGrants the Wood Elf additional percentage of their maximum power.
Shield of NatureThe Wood Elves knowledge of the forest plants grants them additional resistance to diseases.
Faydark’s ChampionAs a champion of the Faydark, Wood Elves gain additional ranged, ministration, ranged critical or healing critical chance depending on their profession.
Gift of the FaydarkSkilled in the arts of woodworking, Wood Elves use less power while fletching.
Faydwer FashionsWood Elves are experts at tailoring and gain additional success chance while tailoring items.