A Hero’s Tale

Arep | 24 October 2008 | 2 Comments

Twice a year I go golfing with my father-in-law and a group of his friends for a few days at a time. While most of the guys have known each other for years and years, I’ve only been going out with the group for two years. That’s only slightly longer than I’ve been playing so you can safely assume that I am absolutely crap. Its still fun though, not sure if its due to the game or the drunken maniacs I played with. This trip was no exception. After Monday’s round we went out on one guy’s boat to cruise around Ocean City, Maryland. We’ve been having weird weather here that’s been causing rough seas and coastal flooding. At the boat launch the dock was under a foot of water. As we headed out we could see ten foot waves breaking over the inlet in the distance. (I know that this is nothing compared to what some folks here are used to but that’s pretty high for Maryland) Of course we had to go play in the waves so when the Coast Guard wasn’t looking we snuck out there. It was probably the coolest boating experience I’ve ever had...better than most roller coasters I’ve been on. We went up...up...up....then came crashing down almost in a free fall as we fought the waves out to open sea. As we crashed down drunken golfers went scattering in every direction (mostly down). I was laughing my ass off the whole time (and I was the sober one!) though I should probably have been concerned that there was only one life vest on the boat. On the way back we were actually surfing the waves in which was equally cool, though not as violent. But that’s not what I brought you here to talk about…

When I got back I had Fable 2 and Far Cry 2 waiting for me. Though I haven’t tried Far Cry 2 yet (it looks really promising) Fable 2 is well worth the hype so far. There’s a ton of things to do and find within the game and that’s exactly what an RPG should have these days. The story is really good so far if only for the fact that the game provides milestones to hit but you are responsible for filling in the details. I haven’t done much with the story since its brought me to one of the larger cities but I already have some properties and a small family. (I’m sticking with the good and pure character this go around so he’ll only have one family) The AI seems like its on the ball with my dog companion behaving like a dog should. I found it funny when a neighbor came into my house and propositioned me as I was about to lay with my wife...seems more like Desperate Housewives than an RPG but whatever.

So far I can’t get enough of this one but it will be temporarily shelved next week when Fallout 3 comes out.

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well I will say it is a fun game too a few issues here and there but overall fun.

Gaming is OK when it is done as it should and without much stress. Clash royale cheats game.

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