A Kiss To Build A Dream On

Arep | 12 November 2008 | 1 Comment

I just finished my fist play-through of Fallout 3 and I have to say that I was a touch disappointed by the end. It wasn’t the ending itself that disappointed me. Many folks have complained that the main story line was too short. If you are just doing the main quests then, yes, it will be too short. You will, however, have missed out on a whole Wasteland’s worth of additional content. I was up to about 80 hours of play by the time I finished. No, it wasn’t that...I was really looking forward to the epilogue from the last game where it ran through a summary of the effects you had on the game world. Sadly, it was missing from this installment. It was a bit of a bummer but its not something that I can’t get over. I will be doing another run through as an evil character some time soon but not until I clear out some more games.

I picked up Call of Duty: World at War on Monday. I had been in the multiplayer beta for a bit so I was pretty excited to play it. I had just extracted Fallout 3 from my 360’s cold, unfeeling grasp when I got the call from Gamestop. I only had a day to try out Far Cry 2. With the limited time I had to play it I think it will be fun. Its an open world game with missions to do. If you make friends with the right people they will come up with ways to make the missions more rewarding, though not necessarily easier. You get hit with attacks of malaria periodically with only a limited supply of medicine. Could be worse...they could have given you the squats or narcolepsy.

The Left 4 Dead demo is just awesome. I was worried that killing zombies over and over again would get repetitive but I don’t think that can ever be a concern. I played single player with three other bots as my companions and it was great. I can’t imagine how much fun it will be with other humans playing. Definitely give this one a try if you can.

Then there’s Gears of War 2. I have a break with this one because I am playing it co-op with a buddy of mine and we can only get together once a week. I tell you, split screen co-op is the most important feature to me in a multiplayer game. I just don’t happen to have a second xbox to make use of the system link feature. Maybe there is a way...according to messages in my Hotmail account, I’ve win the British lottery at least once a week. I just need to send them my account number so they can wire me the money. W00t!

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