A Solemn Moment

Arep | 6 March 2009 | 2 Comments

There’s an uncomfortable silence as the mourners start filing into the room. First comes Niko, with a slight glint of mayhem in his eye as he surveys the crowd. Niko is followed closely by Master Chief and Zoey. Matt Hazard sneaks in with Altair and the Prince and they each find a seat in the back. Then the group playing 80’s ballads in the corner on plastic instruments finally fails out to a chorus of boos and all eyes focus on the broken man standing in the front of the room.

“We gather here today to say good-bye to a dear friend,” the man says amid sobs. “He served us faithfully for almost two years, longer than most others of his generation.”

At this point, a member of the counter-terrorism strike team sitting in the front row breaks down and has to be escorted from the room.

“In the end, our friend shut down and never awoke again. All that remained was a crimson flash where there used to be green.”

A squad of WWII soldiers raised their rifles and fires off three shots in succession.

“We can take some comfort in the fact that death is just the beginning. With spring there will come rebirth.”

A pair of men in brown gently lift the corpse of the departed and quietly leave the room.

R.I.P. XBOX 360 Elite
August 2007 - March 2009

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PingTheVile | 09:03 pm - 7 March 2009

Please accept my sincere condolences. It’s always a sad time when a loved one departs this world and it creates turbulent emotions that are difficult for even the most stalwart members of humanity. However, perhaps your hope will once again be restored as your beloved companion travels through whatever realms are beyond our current conciousness. Until then, peace be with you.

Roflmao, sorry, i know its a sad moment, but after ping’s comments i couldnt help myself

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