I Heart Warhammer

Arep | 25 September 2008 | 0 Comments

I’m now in my second week of Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. This is a game that I had not expected nor wanted to like. A few months ago I made a list of all of the MMOs I was looking forward to. This list was based on both games I wanted to play and what I can reasonably afford to afford and maintain at a given time. I regularly play LOTRO and I enjoy it a lot. I purchased the lifetime subscription when I signed up so its monthly fee is not a factor. I figured I could play one, maybe two others. Two would be pushing it. My list consisted of:

- Stargate Worlds
- Champions Online
- Star Trek Online

My alternates were:
- DC Online - Its a SOE game and they’ve burned me twice before
- The Agency - see above

On the distant horizon I see:
- The Knights of the Old Republic MMO
- Fallout MMO

See? No Warhammer on the list.Well, I noticed that a lot of Toggers were congregating in the WAR forum and, much like rubbernecking the scene of an accident, I wandered in to have a look. “Eh, its WoW with more guns...” This happened to be the week before “launch” (the head start launches) and there was an open beta available. I sat there late Saturday night staring at my monitor wondering if I really wanted to give the beta a try. It meant signing up with FilePlanet (Grrrr....) in order to get the client, something I’ve been morally opposed to in the past. I dislike the premise of paying to download a demo but that is essentially what I’ve been doing with my XBOX Live Gold account for the last year. Finally I just sucked it up and downloaded the client.

The next day I pre-ordered the game. I had to reluctantly admit that this game had everything I was looking for. It had soloing, casual grouping, accessible PvP (RvR in WAR), and lots of exploration. Checkout the Tome of Knowledge. You get rewarded for all sorts of things...finding new places, clicking on hidden objects, killing certain creatures, killing lots of certain creatures, and even clicking on yourself a bazillion times. The rewards can be in the form of experience, titles (lots and lots of titles), and equipment. Lots of stuff to do and I’ve been having a blast with my Witch Hunter. (Take a puritan from the Salem witch trials and give him a sword in one hand and a rapier in the other)

Now what am I supposed to do? I had more games on my list than I could afford to begin with and that was before WAR. I can’t be the only one with this problem. Do you think there are now too many MMO’s in the marketplace? See, that is my theory of why there can’t be a such thing as a “WoW killer.” Back when WoW came out the MMO field was significantly less crowded. Nowadays, the marketplace is so diluted that no one game can ever stand up to the WoW machine because there are just so many. The best they can ever hope to do is to chip away at WoW’s fanbase...at least until WoW 2. 


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