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Arep | 28 January 2009 | 0 Comments

Its been a while since the world has heard what I thought about some inane topic so I figure I’d get back into the swing of things with some of the games I’ve been playing which I didn’t want to spend the time doing full reviews on. Let me start with last night and move backwards. Bethesda released the first DLC for Fallout 3 titled ‘Operation Anchorage’. It takes place 100+ years before the events of Fallout (well, it really doesn’t but you’ll see when you get it) when the United States liberates Anchorage, Alaska from the Chinese leading to the nuclear exchange between the two countries. I have not finished it but so far it is very well done and definitely worth the price of admission. I had been itching to replay Fallout 3 and this gave me a great excuse to put the disk back into the tray.

Earlier in the evening I tried out the demo for Resident Evil 5. I am very glad I did because it saved me from making a purchase I would have regretted. Let me explain my main issue with the game by quoting fellow Togger UNK: “Ok I hate the controls and isn’t this 2009? Don’t you think by now with, what, 10yrs of this game behind them they could make the game so you could maybe MOVE WHILE YOU SHOOT!” Exactly. So, I am in a semi-enclosed area with zombies swarming at me and a big executioner-looking one swinging his axe around but I have to stop moving to take a couple of shots at the horde. I stop moving, line up my shot and get munched...so I limp off, turn around, line up my shot...and get munched. I had a shotgun, for crying out loud! This kind of movement would be great for a British rifleman in a Revolutionary War FPS but no so good for the zombie apocalypse.

The demo for Fear 2, on the other hand, was excellent. I had the opposite reaction with this one. I started out kind of “Meh...” about the game but now I will absolutely pick it up. Intelligent AI, smooth controls and just the right touch of “what the hell is going on?” I am having very mixed emotions about another game I picked up recently, The Last Remnant. Remnant is another JRPG from Square-Enix which follows their usual pattern where you’re this guy then a long cut-scene happens and you wind up in the middle of a kerfuffle. (I could save them at least 10 pages of backstory) Each one of these games has a twist and Remnant’s twist is that you fight in big groups with one hitpoint pool per group. Essentially it doesn’t really change much but your perspective. My issue comes where I’ve had to replay sections of the game a couple of times now because there’s no $%#$@ AUTO-SAVE!! Just about every game I’ve played recently auto-saves when you enter a new area but not this one. I’ve shelved games for less than this…

If you are looking for a fun downloadable platform-puzzler on the Xbox check out The Maw by Twisted Pixel. You are captured by aliens but manage to escape with your new friend Maw, a gelatinous blob of teeth and an endless apatite. You direct Maw around where he consumes other creatures to grow in size, obtain new powers and overcome obstacles. It is a lot of fun and an absolute steal at 800 MS points.

Finally, I want to leave you with some hope if you are a fellow Wii owner who has been dismayed by the sheer amount of crap on the shelves for the system. Check out both MySims Kingdom and De Blob for two games that go above and beyond to bring you an experience which is actually enhanced and not hampered by the Wii’s motion controls. Yes, they are cute and cuddly games but all that violence is causing irreparable harm to your spleen. Don’t ever say that I don’t care.

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