Fallout New Vegas: A Fistful of Bottle Caps

Tilce | 7 February 2011 | 1 comment (off)

*Warning - the following story contains spoilers about Fallout: New Vegas*

The following holotapes were recovered from the ruins of New Vegas. Not much is known about the author but some of the data collected from the surrounding area lends support to my belief that these are descriptions of real events, possibly the ones leading up to the destruction of the city some time around the year 2284. I will continue my analysis as the Paladins bring more data in from the field.

- Scribe Arep

October 23, 2281
I woke up in some little shithole town called Goodsprings after my run in with a group of Kahns and some jackass from the Strip. “Run in” is a polite way of saying “they put a bullet in my goddamn skull and robbed me blind.” The local doc patched me up and told me I was rescued from my grave by some robot that hangings around town. That rolling pile of rust gave me the damn creeps and swear its following me.

I was told by the locals that the bastards headed towards Primm to the south. Before I went out after them I smelled a little opportunity after talking to an inmate, formerly of the nearby NCR prison. Seems there was a merchant caravan that didn’t roll over easy enough for them and he thinks the hicks are hiding the driver. After gaining the trust of a few of the locals I found the merchant and put him out of business. Then I helped the gang take over the town for good measure. With my pack a little less empty I made my way south.

October 24, 2281
After making a connection at Goodsprings I decided to press my luck by dropping in on the prison to pay my respects to the rest of the gang. After a few odd jobs I ended up helping the bastards fight off a damn NCR invasion force. These guys were strictly small time so I took what I could loot from the soldiers and made my way to Primm.

If I thought Goodsprings was a shithole it was because I hadn’t seen Primm in a while. Escaped cons had taken the place over as if it were worth anyone’s time and the NCR was hiding across the highway like little girls. These cons didn’t give a shit about my earlier good will and started taking shots at me the moment I got within sight. I ducked into Vicky and Vance’s and found where the town was holed up. The owner told me the deputy might know something about those Kahns but he was currently a guest of the cons in the hotel. If I wanted to know where they went I was going to have to pay him a visit.

October 25, 2283
I have a new appreciation for flamethrowers. Finding the deputy in the hotel was a cakewalk. Defeating the con with the Incinerator was a little tougher. It’s a little heavy but an effective means of persuasion. The late deputy of Primm could attest to that was he not a smoldering heap in the hotel’s kitchen. He talked but I had to ask more than once and that’s just not acceptable.

The Kahns took off towards Novac through Nipton and that bastard from the Strip was still running the show. More importantly they still had my package, a platinum chip. Delivering that was supposed to be my ticket to a nice cushy home on the Strip.

Before leaving town I took the opportunity to help myself to whatever wasn’t nailed down. I found two things of interest. The first was an old broken down robot with enclave markings. I was able to get it working again and now I have myself some extra firepower. The second was an encounter with a crazy old man who rambled on about some special kind of bottle caps. Seems someone might be giving out a big reward for turning enough of these in. The old man was kind enough to part with his small collection once he stopped burning.

November 2, 2283
I tracked the gang to the Boulder ruins where an NCR Captain told me they had them holed up in the middle of the city. I offered to walk in and “negotiate” for some hostages. The Kahns looked at me like they had seen a ghost and it wasn’t long before they rolled over on Benny, their pal from the Strip. I convinced them to let the hostages go in exchange for a free pass out of town. Unfortunately for them, I neglected to let the NCR know about the deal. What a damn shame.

See you soon, Benny.

November 15, 2283
Slight detour on the way to the Strip. What I could find out by looking at the “ray gun” I stole from that kid in Freeside is that it’s somehow connected to the Helios One power plant. I posed as some kind of scientist and, though the NCR was a little skeptical about my story, they were so desperate to get the plant online they’d believe anything. I met some jackass who called himself ‘Mr. Fantastic’ and could see why they were so easily duped. His assistant was a little more interesting when it turned out he was a member of the Followers. We figured out that Helios One had a secondary purpose as some kind of secret pre-war space weapon. The doctor had some crazy idea of disabling the weapon and using the plant to power the whole area. How noble.

Let’s just say free, renewable energy wasn’t on the agenda today. I was able to reinitialize the weapon with a few minor difficulties with the station’s automated defense systems. However, it seems that I neglected to retarget the device and it ended up toasting the local NCR troops. A minor miscalculation on my part but it probably saved me some awkward questions later on. Using the device I picked up in Freeside I can now provide targeting commands to the weapon remotely. This should definitely come in handy. Oh, somehow that dipshit Fantastic survived the ray but it might have been better for him if he hadn’t.

December 25, 2283
Benny’s dead and I made a new friend. I found the bastard at the Tops Casino. One of his goons was inn House’s pocket and was none too pleased Benny was making a play against the big guy. He arranged for Benny to head up to his room without his usual companionship.

I’d like to say I took my time with Benny...taking his blood by the pint while he begged for his miserable life. I’ll be damned but as soon as that smug little bastard opened his mouth to try and deal I jammed my plasma pistol between his teeth and fired until the energy cell was spent. The chip was mine again. As I was dumping his remains in the toilet I heard some noises coming from his closet.

I‘ll have to give him credit, Benny’s been a busy guy. He had one of those Securitrons rewired to poke around in House’s network. The damn thing didn’t care who was giving the orders so I had it go over Benny’s plan. With a few tweaks here and there I could end up running this place.

My Pip-Boy says that today used to be some kind of big holiday where folks gave each other presents. My present was learning that the House doesn’t always win…

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<3 this game. Been taking my sweet ass time on all the side quests before tackling the main storyline.

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