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The TOGGLe ladder has been in the works for quite some time now but very little is known about what goes on behind the scenes, and where it's currently at. The ladder software was purchased a few months ago, and whilst it was seen to be a fantastic step in the further advancement of The Older Gamers, it like all software inhibited a few bugs that needed some ironing out. Fortunately, thanks to the contributions of countless people who have dedicated their time and passion, TOGGLe is gearing up for its official launch. There is still little known about TOGGLe and the future it holds, and we have lured out Fox from his hole to share with us a moment of his time in answering some of the questions that have been asked within TOG and the wider community.



First and foremost, thanks for sparing a moment of your time Fox. You need no introduction as we all know you as the TOG ladder admin, and many others know you for your cheeky comments [o rly!] , but we'll leave that one for another night!

The TOG Ladder has been nicknamed Toggle. How did such a name come about?

Some of you won't be surprised to hear the TOGGLe (TOG Gaming League) name for the ladder was first suggested back in June by another long standing and well known TOG'er. Wayfarer suggested the name in the Ladder forum and it was immediately pounced upon by ladder devotee's and despite my protestations about letting Wayfarer influence yet another aspect of TOG the name stuck and the word TOGGLe now scrolls across the top of the ladder site.

The decision was made to purchase the ladder software, and the ladder committee along with many others have spent countless hours ironing out bugs and issues related to the software. Once all the problems are ironed out, what future does TOGGLe have? Where would you personally like to see it go and/or be in 5 years time?

The ladder is now on version two and while some bugs still exist we are aware of what they are and how to work around them so I'm confident enough to start running ladder's while we tweak the edges of the ladder.

I'm hoping the TOGGLe site becomes a central focus for hundreds or thousands of gamers as we'll be able to offer gaming ladders to anyone free of charge on request. Gaming clans and fraternity's will be able to add an extra layer and depth to their gaming by requesting a ladder to be set up as they like it, with their own parameters, and watch the fan base for their favourite games grow as the ladder draws in more and more players and interest.

Many other Gaming ladders exist today including the ever popular GameArena ladder. Are there any features TOGGLe can provide that will allow TOGGLe to compete with the more commercialised ladders?

I think the aspect of TOGGLe that has many TOG's excited is this ladder site can be set up and configured by request from anyone at no cost. Obscure and less popular games will have just as much emphasis as the mainstream chart toppers. TOGGLe already accommodates knockout tournaments and the TOGGLe ladder is experience point based which is a better system than conventional ladders.

Don't forget also that TOGGLe will forever be controlled by TOG and that means the reputation of TOG and everything that TOG represents in the gaming community will be behind TOGGLe. Who could ask for a better foundation for a new community service?

Many questions have been asked by the members of TOG, and one especially; Will non-togs be able to use TOGGLe?

Yes - most definitely. The long term vision is for TOGGLe to be a central focus for many gamers including players from other clans and gamers that are younger than 25 years old. There might be ladders that are exclusive to TOG members and ladders that are available to other clans on invitation only and I hope to see ladders that are open to the public. TOGGLe is flexible enough to accommodate different play preferences and the best part is - that decision will mostly rest with the gamers that use the ladders.

Is it possible to estimate when beta will be over, and when TOGGle will be fully operational?

Invitations have been sent to all Division Captains and I am getting a lot of excited players asking questions about the ladder. Players need to be asking their division if they would like to set up a ladder and decide on a format and the ladder staff will do all we can to make the ladder parameters suit your game and preferred structure.

What obstacles are currently in the works at the moment?

The ladder is functional as it is but I'd like to do some tweaking to the database so it can be a little more flexible for the ladder staff to control and I'd like to make more options available to players when they make challenges and record results. The list of features available to players is long but I've never been afraid to aim high.

With all the work that has currently taken place, who has been involved during this project, and is there anyone you'd like to thank?

In the early days and until recently a lot of work was put in by Ashin, Nestaron and Killer Squirrel and helped create a great foundation. Ashlann and theZee has done some great work with graphics and recently MrWizard has been a great help in moving things forward. Mouse has shown committment to the ladder and Rogee, 303 and MaMo76 have helped out with bits and pieces.

On top of this great team I hope to announce a new ladder committee stocked with some very reputable instantly recognisable people to help steer this ship that we call TOGGLe.

If a member of TOG would like to throw their hand up to assist with TOGGLe, is there anything they can do to help further progress the project?

What TOGGLe really needs now is advertising within TOG. I ask every member to take a look at the site and see if their favourite game has a format that might suit ladder style play. Ladders can be based on FPS, MMO or even on a TOG chess club!! Think outside the square and invent a new game format that will add interest to your division and grow your gaming community.

If anyone has technical skills in php, mysql or graphic skills then please make yourself known to me . I currently have some great help but it would be great to spread the load and make TOGGLe greater than great.

I'd like to thank you on behalf of TOG for your time Fox, and there is no doubt you have the support of the community to see this project to the end.

Thanks for the chance to show my enthusiasm in TOGGLe and my faith in the TOG community in making this work. TOGGLe has been a personal passion for 6 months and with everyone's support we can make the site great!

Those of you interested can check out TOGGLe at this link - The Older Gamers Gaming Leaguev3.2

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