My Favourite Game Of All Time

Parkey | 18 May 2010 | 70 comments (off)

My favourite game of all time? Now there’s a tough question!

As most of us gamers know, there are just so many great titles out there - how could you possibly choose just one? What makes a great game to begin with, in any case? Then again, the biggest question of all would have to be: what, exactly, is it that pushes a game from being ‘great’ to being a ‘classic’?

Is it the shelf life? The fact that you can just keep coming back to that great title, year after year, and still be just as engrossed in it as the day you bought it? What about a lasting first-impression, those first 5 minutes where you say “this game is just unreal”, and get a buzz that you’ll always remember? The sound, the visual effects, or just the gameplay itself, the feeling that you just don’t want to stop playing it…

For me, personally, a great game’s not all about the glitz and glamour. Great graphics are all well and good, and a rocking score and well timed sound effects kick ass, but me? ‘Classic’ does mean shelf life. I want to be able to come back to a game over and over again and not care that it can’t take advantage of the latest and greatest hardware. Hardware shouldn’t matter.

Genre might, though. Each of us has our own favourites in this regard. For example, I really love a feeling of freedom within a game; I want the world to be my sandbox, to make my mark on it. I guess that’s why I like RTS – it gives me that freedom, if only to a certain degree. Then again, there’s nothing better than a great FPS online. I love the rush you get when play; the confusion, the sounds, the adrenaline and the satisfaction you get from pitting your skills against a worthy adversary and coming out victorious.

Other genres I’m less taken with. MMORPG’s for one. Mind you, I’ve found myself trying a few MMORPG games in the last 3 or so months and, from a shelf life point of view anyway, I can see why people love these games: you basically have a never-ending world that you can keep on playing in. What more could a gamer want? There’s nothing worse than playing a game you love to the end and then BANG. Game over. MMORPGs never leave you with that feeling.

I’ve come back to shelf life, it seems. I guess I really do judge a game on longevity. I look for a game that never leaves me, that I really become attached to and keep coming back to. I remember in my early days games like XCOM, Command & Conquer (including Red Alert), Starcraft, Total Annihilation took up most of my gaming hours. Come to think of it, if you want to talk about hours of gameplay, what about Dune 2, or the Diablo games? I can’t be the only one who gave up hundreds of hours to these titles.

A little further down the line, I moved into FPS, with the classics: Doom (1, 2 & 3), the Battlefield series and the granddaddy of them all, Wolfenstien. In the later years came Crysis (oh the graphics!), and, before that, Far Cry. Speaking of great FPS’, what about STALKER? There’s a title that offers a lot for the gamer, with great graphics and a shelf life that’ll probably last at least as long as the exclusion zone it’s set in.

Call of Duty 4 - those first 5 minutes in COD4 were just priceless. The graphics, the sound, the confusion of battle… you actually felt like you were there. I only have a few hours in the game, but, damn, those hours were fantastic! But Medal of Honour, on the Playstation 2, trumps even that - I still can’t get the beach landing chapter out of my head. It was just breathtaking – insane. You really felt like you were on the battlefield, and that level of immersion makes it a classic in my mind.

Talking about confusion on the battlefield: what about Rome: Total War? Now that has to be a classic RTS. I just love every aspect of that game, from setting to sound design and everything in between. The Total War series really did lift the bar for a whole generation of RTS games, and it’s sure to go down as a massive stepping stone for the genre, similar to the way that Crysis lifted the bar for FPS.

My first MMORPG was EVE; visually stunning is perhaps the best way to describe it. EVE’s the game really changed my way of thinking about MMORPGs - until that point, always been about fantasy elves in my mind. It wasn’t just the visuals though, that got me: the complex trading setup, the player dynamics, the sheer scale of it all… it’s never-ending.

I haven’t really talked much about story yet, have I? For great storylines, you can’t get much better than the last few Grand Theft Auto games. I know I played the hell out most of them - just fantastic! Max Payne is another great game with an even better storyline (pity we can’t say that much for the movie). Forged Alliance has a fantastic storyline as well and, with Cossacks, make two great little story-driven RTS games.

I think it’s very easy to say that the games of today are much better than the games of ten or more years ago. A lot’s changed since then, and modern producers are able to build from the shoulders of the giants that came before them. But, to me, most games these days come in just two basic packages: great bling (graphics, sound, etc) and MMORPG. Neither flavour on its own has a great deal of replay value to me, and it’s hard to find a game with a mixture of both that I like. Sure, there are gems that’ll keep me coming back for two or three years - some I’ve mentioned, like STALKER and Rome: Total War, and some I’ve not (Fallout 3, Supreme Commander and Sins of a Solar Empire, to name just three) -, but most games these days are just blips on the radar. Here today, forgotten tomorrow.

I think, in the gaming community, we tend to find a game that we really love and stick to it through thick and thin. But it’s a matter of finding that one game, that one game we love and play the butt off.

I still really haven’t answered the question now have I? My favourite game of all time. Hmmm. Well I don’t want to now. There are so many great games out there, and so many that I haven’t mentioned. I can’t pick just one.

Wait, what’s that? Editor says she’ll frag me and do unspeakable things to what little remains if I don’t choose?

Well, ok, then. No need to get pushy. Here it is: Dune 2.

Developed by Westwood Studios and published in 1992, we can look back on it now as being the game that started RTS, really, as we know it today. That alone would make it a classic. But, when it comes right down to it, Dune 2 is what started my craze for PC games – well, for games in general – and that, at the risk of sounding trite, is what makes it truly special. Here’s to another 17 years! 

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For me, hands down, the funnest game ever is Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo console (all versions).  I played every one that came out.  For PC, I liked Unreal Tournament Best.  I did go all the way through Portal in one day!  Right now I’m in TOG & having a lot of fun playing Age of Conan.

for me there are alot of contenders but my absolute fav is smb 3 i remember the commercials when i was a kid and then i got the game couldnt pry the controller from my hands unless food was offered then yes but after that right back to it

Played a little bit Age of Conan really loved my time playing that game. Only got to level 25 or so. But a great game. TBH haven’t played much of Unreal Tournament. But have only heard glowing reports about it!

Blackbloodnz | 10:14 am - 19 May 2010

Zelda on N64 was awesome, but what game got me was Dune on Mega Drive I think that really got me into my Strategy based games. I play WoW and now gotten into DoW2 and still play Dark Crusade with my brother

The Zelda and Link games on the NES along with supermario bros. But on PC it was Iron Storm a FPS that was also online and a damn good campaign mode (still play it now and then) reason is it got me onto computers and that in the end lead me to TOG. :)

Currently I would have to say that Fallout 3 is hands down the best game ever made, from the addictive gameplay, to the beautiful graphics, and the innovative interface, for me Fallout 3 is perfection. I love how it can be played on PC like a true FPS, (I never used VATS) and unlike most first person RPG’s the combat was visceral and felt “real”. The story was completely engrossing plus it’s the only RPG I’ve kept on playing after finishing the main story, in the end I clocked up 102 hours on my main toon. Other than WoW thats the most I’ve ever put into a game ever.
Bring on Fallout Vegas.

i am also a big big fan of the half life series this is the game that got me into fps i played the demo of this game to death then actually got the game and instantly fell in love with it

Axe_Murderer | 02:53 am - 22 May 2010

COD2 ftw!

I have deleted and/or burnt at the stake, any other PC game!

Even with new releases jumping off the shelf, COD2 still has No.1 spot on my gaming regime, followed closely by nothing!

COD2 rocks



Dune 2 would be one of all-time favourites too.  I also remember playing Pirates on the c64.  I loved that game and played it again and again and again :) I also loved Bards Tale III, it would be scary to consider the hours I put into that!

I don’t think game over the last 10 years have grabbed me like they did in my youth.  WoW kept me going for about 18 months - before I had some form of ‘Matrix’ moment and realised it was all just numbers and I couldn’t suspend disbelief anymore. 

I have spent quite along time playing Mount&Blade;over recent years, it seems to be a game I just go back to again after playing something else.  Warband has been a great update, as it will extend shelflife considerably when more community generated mods start rolling out.  I guess that gaming has changed considerably over the years, not just in terms of graphics, but the increased ability for community involvement has been amazing.

Games with graphics are all well and good and there have been a heap of them that I have wasted hundreds of hours on.... Warcraft, Diablo, C&C;. All great games but the best game I ever played was a very old game now by most people standards called Colossal Cave or Adventure depending on when you found it. No graphics whatsoever but I can still see that cave based on the text description. Written in the 70s and has been around on many platforms. I still have it installed on my unix boxes at work (ssshh. don’t tell anyone).

I don’t know that I could ever limit it down to a single game, perhaps I could cull it down to 1 or 2 per Genre, but never a single game.  How can I compare Civilization to XCom, both turn based strategy games, both great in their own right, both completely different.  How can I sum these up against a COD or Wing Commander.  How does all this sum up against the ancients like Zork or Mystery House?

Time alone does not add up to greatness, 5 years in EVE Online, I know all the merits and all the failings of that game.  Time spent was about who you were playing with, not about the game content at all.

Yes I agree with you Brootal very hard to compare games. I found it very hard to come up with a single game to say “thats the best”. But my editor made me. :)

Tulgar, spent hours upon hours on Mount & Blade. I loved every minute of it. But the problem is it’s just missing something. It seems to be very repetitive, but in saying that it’s fantastic.

Axe_Murderer, COD2 was just awesome. Really was a great game.

Adub72, Have you every tried Stalker? It’s very similar to Fallout but has a different edge to it. Really loved both games.

I would have to define it as which game had consumed the most of my time, therefore in no particular order:

Civilisation, especially Civ3
Tetris, especially the Gameboy version
Solitaire, in some form or other, usually Pretty Good Solitaire

The last 5 years have been dominated by Everquest2, Vanguard, Runes of Magic and LOTRO.

Axe_Murderer | 02:34 pm - 24 May 2010

Parkey - what do you mean “was”? I still spend waaay to many hours a night on COD2 :)

Parkey, I’ve tried Stalker with the oblivion lost mod, very solid, great weapon ballistics, great “sim” feel. Currently having a bit of a look at Stalker: Pripyat (unmodded) seems tighter and better than the original. Really tho all my time currently is going into BF:BC2 multiplayer (PC) and I’m just starting Read Dead Redemption on my PS3 which so far looks polished and very deep.
My top 5 games of all time would be…
1. Fallout 3
2. Doom 1&2;(NOT 3!)
3. Starcraft
4. The 1/2 Life Series inc. Portal
5. The Metal Gear Solid Series
I’d love to put COD 4 MW in there but 5 is 5. I’d put the whole COD series in but MW2 broke my heart, peer to peer WTF?!?! BF BC2 kills MW2 in every way IMO.
These are “my” picks, I understand its a genre thing, there are gamers who would rate The Civ series or Total War series or even the sims above my picks and fair enough, there is no right or wrong, unless of course your top 5 includes Daikatana.

Keli, I thought of rating the games by time consumed. But then I thought to myself I played countless hours on BF2. But that doesn’t make it my favourite game of all time. It’s just the fact it was my first online game. This meant that I had lots of online friends to join online.
Civ 3......oh yes spent countless hours on that title too. Actually picked up all the Civ titles only a couple of weeks ago. Great games to play.

Axe_Murderer, good point it still rocks. :)

Adub72, TBH haven’t played much of the Half Life series. Everyone I have spoken too has told me just how good they are. Starcraft yep agree would easily make my top 5 (if I was allowed to have one :) ). Doom series was just simply fantastic, Doom 2 my favourite. I actually enjoyed Doom 3 thought it was very scary, but do admit the darkness got a little annoying.

Dragonpuir | 01:05 pm - 25 May 2010

Possibly Im about to be laughed out of the thread, but for some reason I always come back to Golden Axe, for me it was ‘The One’

After thinking about this for some time, I’ve decided that my favorite game of all time is Elder Scrolls: Morrowind.  There are lots of other games that come close (Star Wars: KOTOR, Fallout 3, Planescape: Torment, Half-Life, Mass Effect), but none of them quite reaches the scope, fun factor, cleverness and subtle humor of Morrowind.

And no, Oblivion didn’t quite do it for me.  While it was inarguably a cool game, somehow it just wasn’t as much fun to play as Morrowind, although the Shivering Isles DLC came close.

Hmmm couple of titles there I haven’t played. Thanks for posting up your favourite games, will have to have a look now.

Not counting World of Warcraft for the years I’ve played it, but going back I would have to say the old C64 games - Elite, Reach for the Stars and Ultima 2, 3, and 4 would still be my all time fav’s. The Amiga, and afterwards the PC tried to do nice pretty versions of these game but somehow it just wasn;t the same. I was at one of those games every moment I wasn’t asleep or working back in the early 80’s 8)

No one mentioned Barbarian on C64!  :D

<a ></a>

On C64 I spent far too long playing the Ghostbusters game. Loved it.

In the arcades (remember them?) the original Star Wars game had me hooked. Spent far too much cash in that…

Moving on to PC, I think all of the X-Wing/TIE Fighter games were awesome. The reason why I bought my first PC was to play X-Wing…

On PS1 and PS2 I loved the Final Fantasy games. There was so much to do with the mini games and other content.

Recently Guild Wars (obviously) has really caught me, and I’m pant-wettingly excited about the forthcoming GW2.

CARNALDESTRUCT | 08:01 am - 29 May 2010

Great story Parkey :) WD
Still one of my most fav games would have to be Microsoft freelancer and recoil an old tank game, I do still have a game of both of them when I’m not on the battlefield

Milarichani | 03:29 pm - 30 May 2010

I still remember fondly my first run through X-COM.  Not knowing how the game would change with the next UFO or what my research would reveal.  Still fun.

Thief is another old fave.

i agree with the zelda classic

Given time and money spent: World of Warcraft and Hitman II.

WoW due to the social element - just restarted my subscription. Hitman II (the best of the series IMHO) because it’s open-ended you have lots of way of completing the missions. Ranging from ultimate steath to ultimate rampage!

Oh! Maybe Elite should be mentioned. That’s so long ago I almost forgot about it. Lots and lots of hours put into that one :)

The good old games we keep coming back to. Seems that no matter the advances in tech I always return to those games I started out on.

Civ, XCOM, Wolfenstien 3d, TA and a myriad of others.

Dosbox can be my best friend at the times when all those modern games start to tire a bit. Maybe I am just nostalgic but modern day games dont seem to have that hold over me like the greats of old :)

for me
I would have to say neverwinter nights.

the offline campaigns were pretty average (to me)
the online games were so vast though.
the online community was massive, the effort put into individual server customisation made each server like playing a different game.

there were RP servers for those that enjoyed the social aspect and the RP elements of D&D;there were hack and slash servers for those that loved the action

and there were PVP servers/arenas, some of wich had a setup very similar to DoTA (and it worked very well I might add)

I spent many nights playing neverwinter nights online, often looking at the time to realize it was already 5am and I’d been playing for 8hours (or so) without even realising it.

Buldars gate, Diablo, Final Fantasy, and Centurion and bards tale on Amiga

Tiberium Sun was the first RTS that I got into, granted Starcraft was the first one I bought, and Ironicly by the end of it all, I still play both games to hell even today.

One game if I owned it, and had everything I used to have for it would be a ancient 486 game known as Earthsiege. It was a mech game that was pretty good. You could customize weapon systems, buy new types of mechs, weapons, and set up weapon linking systems so they would fire at the same time.

Though, I suppose my game that I must say would be my fav, even though I may not play it much anymore is Dark Forces, a starwars FPS. The gameplay, and how the events spilled out were quite good and I remember the level where the objective was to enter a Rebel Base, that was pretty much destroyed by the empire to see if there was any clues to the new “weapon” they used on it. Entering the base was pretty challanging, due to the power being out and no lights. granted, i was a kid back then. Oh yea, if you played it, you should remember the wonderful Sewer Level.....

Earthsiege yes had it. I must say never really got into it, was good and was fun. But never really thought of it as a classic.
Diablo was a great game. Loved it, still my index fingure is sore from all the clicking though.

My faves:
Super Metroid (SNES)
Wolfenstein 3D (Coming for ya !!! scared the shit out of me)
GoldenEye (N64)
Age of Empires : Rise of Rome ( first online multiplayer for me)
WoW ( first clan/guild involvement)

But the game i enjoy most atm, is Bad Company 2.  So that goes on my list as well, for its playability, its destruction, and its teamwork)

To the poster that mentioned Colossal Cave or Adventure, is that the game where you had to release a little bird from a cage to defeat a Dargon ( or was it a snake/serpent) to get into the cave ?  And where there was a magic word ( xyzzy ).  If it is then that can go on my list as well.  I remember that shit from around 30 years ago.  Epic!

PS: I forgot to mention Deus Ex.  When I killed my partner on my first mission and then got interrogated about it afterwards by another in game player, I was gob smacked.  Loved the story telling, the alternate endings, and the subversive feel.

* Planescape Torment
* Ghostbusters - C64
* GTA San Andreas
* Max Payne
* UT 1

Spent more time in those 5 games than I’d ever care to admit. Still to this day it haunts me that I could never finish Ghostbusters.

Haha, this guy understands my pain!

It’s the Metal Gear Solid series for me. I don’t own a ps1 or ps2 anymore but I refuse to get rid of those games. MGS1 was the first game that I played that was like watching a movie. Great story telling = Win! The COD series is wicked as well. I agree with Axe_Murderer that number 2 rocked… but im going with number 4 as the best :P MW2 Did awesome in terms of story telling as well, even if the plot was weak. If you can get me to replay the single player campaign multiple times you’ve made a awesome game.

Cunning Stunt | 11:12 pm - 6 June 2010

Ok, I know this will make a few laugh, but for me it’s Team Fortress 2.

I think the characters are very well done.  Many good maps.. etc etc.

Shame the over 25’s don’t have their own area to play though.

Some kids are just annoying.  Sound like seaguls in a frenzy!

Come to think about it, some adults are annoying too!  lol.

I particularly like the cartoon style graphics in this game.

The humour is fantastic..  Check out an example of what I mean at..........

TF2 will go on to be one of the classics of ALL time.

kryten, must admit I missed that one. Silly Parkey, classic game I played countless hours of Age of Empires.

Hitman series came to mind, but really didn’t get high on my list. The shelf life just wasn’t there for me. But a great game at the same time.

One game i remember from the bbc electon was sentinel, it was a small game but you could play it for hours on time and it would not get boring. Too bad it was never brought out on other platforms. For other games i guess i will always like rpg’s most as i do love roleplaying. From Baldurs Gate to Dragon age and most of those between them. And of course World of Warcraft.

tankertough2 | 01:03 am - 9 June 2010

WOW! Now that’s a tough question....

The games these days are so far superior to what I grew up with in almost every way. HOWEVER, the feeling of success after hearing the “magic tones” from finding a hidden secret in The Legend of Zelda still ring true in my head. Yes, I to had blisters on my thumbs from HOURS UPON HOURS of Super Mario Bros madness.

I’ve logged hundreds of hours on Oblivion and Fall Out 3 as well. Man! My favorite game of ALL TIME? I think I’m going to be dizzy just trying to figure it out....

Silver Lady | 04:54 am - 10 June 2010

Diablo was the first computer game I ever played so of course I have fond memories of it. I still remember the heart thumping terror of creaping through the dungeon and running for my life when I saw a skeleton.
Now after many years and many games the best game ever, for me, is Guild Wars. To me it is the perfect game. It allows choice of camera angles and movement (point and click or keyboard or keyboard and mouse). The storyline is wonderful and the graphics just glorious. Being an instanced world, you can just get on with playing and having fun without being killed by other PKing players but if you want PvP (which is a totally different thing to PK) there is plenty of opportunity to do so.
Unfortunately the new Guild Wars 2 is going to be totally different, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be as good as the hype says.

Tequila Boog | 05:06 am - 10 June 2010

It’s hard to say for me because great games are always being spit out.........and I have a varied taste of genres as the top for me are a few......they are close enuff to say it’s a tie and they are.............MGS4....awesome story.....Red Dead Redemption....the sandbox of Free Roam....along with the great single player make it a classic.....and both Uncharted games......I also have a classic PSOne game that I return to regularly......."Treasures of the Deep”.........hmmm...wonder if any of you have heard of it??.......

A10A_Warthog | 06:58 am - 11 June 2010

Call of Duty - the best game that would actually run on my old PC
System Shock 2...We are the many...still scares the crap out of me
Grim fandango - best adventure game ever
Wolfenstein 3D - classic
Urban Terror...better than counterstrike without the campers

My fav games of all time are

1) Mass Effect Series
2) Fallout 3
3) Final Fantasy 7
4) Heavy Rain (ps3)
5) Assassins creed

I would probably have included Final Fantasy 13 in there somewhere but due to its linear nature (although the story line is awesome) i didnt feel it could quite get into the top 5.  Ok Assassins creed is a bit linear to but it was original :)

Probably my most loved game was mail order monsters on the old commodore, hell i met my now wife of 20 years at a local geekfest playing that game :-)
How come nobody mention zork? i mean really i burned hundreds of hours on that sucker either playing it or watching my friends get hoppelessly confused.

The game that i keep comparing all mmo’s to tho is Dark age of camelot, i had a serious addiction there, 3 accounts and 30 level 50’s all albs its a wonder i am still married !

Tequila Boog | 12:19 am - 15 June 2010

I think the better question would be......"What game(s) took up most of your time?....Someone mentioned “Zork” and “Planetfall”.........I was totally engrossed in them......also the first “Tomb Raider” took up a lot of my time.........

Arkleseizure | 04:59 am - 18 June 2010

My favorite game of all time is an obscure game I had on my Tandy 1000 called Covert Action

Favorite games....hmmmm. tough choice. I see a lot of games I like but for me the true addictive ones (and definatily worth mentioning here) are:

Druid (part 1) on the Commodore 128 (Yes, we are OLDER gamers)
Tony Hawk 2 (completing the gap list (without the help of internet) really took me some time)
Final Fantasy 7 and Tactics(that last one ruined my tv btw because of burnmarks in the tube)
Red alert 2(first time online with others, and squashing them I might add :-))
Zelda on the Snes (the wonder upon discovering that you are not even halfway after hours and hours of playing and completing the light world, aagh you know what I am talking about)

Thanks for bringing up good memories, Parkey.

Take your pick from Baldur’s Gate 1&2;, Dragon Age: Origins, Deus Ex or Jagged Alliance 2

Mecha-Wombat | 03:30 pm - 25 June 2010

Great article Parkey

And by reading the comments so many people have a different take on what make a favourite game

My ALL time FAVOURITE is Sid Meiers Pirates

I still play it and I have wasted more time than I care to admit cruising the high seas in all its basic glory

Zelda is one of those Classics I have every zelda game and have played them all to death but still Pirates rules the roost

Whitout a doubt, the best game i ever played, as to be: The Secret Of Monkey Island”.
I just loved that game, so funny.


P.S.- Forgive my bad english, but im Portuguese (that litle country, left of Spain). :)

Without a doubt World of Warcraft (Vanilla)

shameless_1_2 | 12:42 pm - 1 July 2010

well well, I do beleive that age of empires would have to be one of my favourite games of all time. Especially now seeing my youngest one the 8 year old is now playing it. Proud moment in my life. Also with in the old school you would have to put up three other classics, the granddaddy of gaming besides pong that is. That would be space invaders ,asteroids and super breakout. The amount of time pounding and slowly destroying another atari joy stick when playing one of these games. Well I think we all know.

Blashyrkh, Jagged Alliance 2 hey. Spent alot of time on the whole Jagged Alliance series. Fantastic stuff. I love the whole concept of the game. Great fun. Nothing like some dude stepping in front of you and running out of moves. Then unloading a shotgun shell in him at close range.

mystical_fan | 06:58 am - 7 July 2010

Favourite game of all time is The Witcher, followed by the Neverwinter Night series, and also Diablo and Diablo2 and Diablo LOD.
In RTS Age of Empires.

I go back to feeding quarters in a bar room table top Pong machine but the first game that really grabbed me and turned into an addiction was X-COM. Second and third on the list would probably be Jagged Alliance 2 and HOMM3. Note a trend here. I like turn based games. I can play at my own pace, not stress out if the phone rings and I have to leave for a bit. Just a more relaxing form of gaming for me. That being said I have whacked a lot of orcs on the head and blasted a lot of evil things with big guns.

Dune2 was my first cyber addiction.
I lost many days playing that game, just couldn’t turn it off.
Total Anhialation was my next love.
I had a mini love with COD2.
Then a major love with COD4, i spent time playing it almost every night from the day it came out, up till the day MW2 came out.
I have a love/hate relationship with MW2.
I guess I would put TA and CoD4 as equal favourite for me.

soethebeast | 06:45 am - 22 July 2010

Thanks for a great article.

Dune-2 was what got me hooked to computer gaming.. before that, I was more an occasional gamer.. :)
Everquest (pre Luclin years) was what pushed me into MMO addiction..
.. I’ve gone through the motions - Everquest II, Vanguard SOH, Guildwars, LOTRO.. but, still, nothing comes close to the feelings you get from early years of EQ.. going for a CR naked, running through multiple dangerous zones.. de-leveling due to multiple deaths…
I miss those.. :)

Meatgrinder | 08:14 am - 23 July 2010

I would have to say what got me as the best game was the first half life game and then half life source engine came out,and the rest of the half life game series the graphics and effects were so good

One of my all time top games is Shenmue Series which sadly was never finished.  Til this day I still go back and play it. Part one on the Sega Dreamcast I just totally adored and used to sit at work watching the minutes counting down before I could get back home and jump into my “real” world.  I was so immersed with the shops, the arcades and ironically having to get a job to save money to get things.

Original X-Wing :)

Funny no-one mentions this or anything similar in three months of comments. I’m surprised!

My favorite game of all-time was Jellybean MUD.
-- You chose when you started your character whether to be PvP or PvE - no random kills by higher level characters ruining your chance at getting some early levels.
-- Back when I started, quests were riddles that you had to solve, then find the quest item that was the solution to the riddle. Some of them were darn hard, and we had to share tips with other players to get them done.
-- Other than the base MUD areas (I think it ran on Diku, but it’s been a long time), other areas were entertaining, built by the mods and some by players who had been around long enough to be promoted. You could kill the Brady kids in one area, Dr. Frank N. Furter in another, and if you leveled up enough, you could pick up a really nice sword out of Smaug’s lair. Because it was community built, there wasn’t a huge worry over copyrighted characters.
-- It’s the only game I’ve ever played in which I got to wield the Spork of Doom (picked up off a Dilbert character....) How awesome is that??

Sure, there was a fair bit of grinding when you needed a level, but there were a lot of areas to explore, some fun descriptions, and great people to hang out with chat.

Crimson Skies.... in the Zone.  =SAF= Black_Rain

once we had a 1000 plane LAN Party..!

i really miss my friends there.

easy game to learn.. the Team Tactics are the game

paladinknight | 02:30 am - 6 September 2010

I was hooked ffs -with Golden eye,james bond on an old(kept together with sticky tape-it had been dropped ,so many times it was in 4 pieces,then it was -counterstrike -playing LAN -in a cramped -gaming place -in Perth,and now many,many years later game of choice is of course --battle field bad company 2 -on p.c --im hooked -(And the misses -is pissed -off)

But I know As soon as Im out of the house she’s playing --as me ,she’ll have to get her own --Monica --soon,---but Im not going to rock This --little leaking boat just --yet,

SEE ya
Paladinknight(slightly hen-pecked)
Broome ,
west Aussie


I think what define a favorite game of all time is simply the memories connected with it. Especially if you were still a child and grew up with it. It shapes your memory and you simply think back to those good ole gaming days with a sigh. So IMO a game can only even be considered a favorite or classic if it has passed a certain age threshold. So for me this would have to be Monkey Island, without a doubt. The first and second one! The music will always stay in my head too. :)
Yours truly,

FINAL FANTASY! any of them will do, fave is 8 but 7,9,10,12 r all so good as well, and the LONG shelf life of these games worth playing again and finding all them hidden extra’s ect

Modern Warfare 2 is becoming one of the best of all time!!!

My favorite game of all time is KOTOR. 

It was the first game I played over and over and over.  And the first game I where I would save before talking to either Carth or Bastila just so I could re-load an see what the other conversational choices sounded like. 

So many first.  The first game my husband teased me about liking the NPC more than him and the first game I would get up 2 hours early so I could play before I left for work and the first game I went on line to talk to other fans. 

I still pull it out about once a year.

Double Supercool | 07:50 am - 25 October 2010

For sheer nostalgia/good times playing with my best mate:

Bubble Bubble on the Amiga.  We pwned that game.

Last Ninja series on the C64.....

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