Source Wars End in an Epic Battle!

Ulric | 17 June 2012 | Comments off

Ever watch the movie Rocky? Who hasn’t, right? We had a battle for the ages last Sunday night to determine this year’s Source Wars champion. It was a good one. Just like the movie!

This was the fourth year of Source Wars and the championship match came down to the Counter Strike: Source (CSS) division aka Rocky Balboa, for purposes of this story, and the Team Fortress 2 (TF2) division aka Apollo Creed. TF2 was the defending champion (seeing them as Apollo was fitting), while the often beat up CSSers were cast perfectly as the hard hitting Rocky who doesn’t know how to do anything else but fight.

With the Day of Defeat: Source (DODS) division already out of the tournament, CSS and TF2 entered the DODS server to win this year’s cup. One could say that TF2 were bold and cocky, like Apollo, which is what one would expect of a defending champion. They logged in and there was a swagger in their pre-game warm up that was mostly for show. CSS would be better described as the underdog with something to prove, like Rocky, with them quietly preparing for the match. The game they were about to play was DODS, a 40 minute game that has two 20 minute halves. The winner would have to earn enough points, through capturing and holding the five objectives on the WW2 battle map, to be considered this year’s champion.

Ding ding… game on…

CSS started the first half as Allies and rushed out of their spawn area much faster than their foe. Catching the Champ off guard with a flurry of grenades they sent the TF2er’s back to spawn. CSS captured the middle objective (this is key to earning points) swiftly and with coordination. For the first eight minutes of the half, CSS was running away with the points 12-0. However, like in the movie, Apollo realized his foe was for real and started his come back to show Rocky why he was the champion. TF2’s counter attack, led by Dread and Spice, was able to capture and then hold the middle objective as they pushed the Allies back. At one point, with six minutes left, TF2 were holding four of the five objectives, ending the half with a score of CSS 12 to TF2’s 31.

We have seen this before, right? Rocky does well in the first round, but then get’s pounded, bloodied, and knocked down by Apollo in the next few rounds in the movie. CSS didn’t panic – their virtual ‘locker room’ was calm and cool with conversation on how to make a comeback for the second half as they moved over to play the German side of the battlefield. DeeP, CSS’s Division Captain, almost sounded like Rocky’s trainer, Mickey, with her words of encouragement, “Murder da bums!”

Ding ding, second half….

TF2 picked up where they left off, quickly acquiring an early lead in the second half and almost assured of victory. Yet, if you have ever seen the movie Rocky or for that matter, the entire Rocky series, you know that once the opponent bloodies and knocks Rocky down a few times, something clicks. Rocky always walks towards his foe saying, “Come on”, and the foe punches Rocky in the face – yet, it doesn’t phase Rocky at all. As a matter of fact, it is almost like Rocky enjoys being punched in the nose and gets his energy from it.

So there I was watching TF2 bloody CSS early and then I started hearing the music in my head. In case you have forgotten, I have included the music to help you read on.

CSS starts working the strats as if Rocky was working the combos to Apollo’s body. TF2 stunned, backs into a corner, covers, and loses the middle objective. Over the course of the next 10 minutes, I watch CSS give TF2 more than they can handle and the comeback is on.

CBF, kEv_, and fish. worked the assault rifles to keep TF2’s off the tank (middle objective), Shaggy had the MG42 purring like a kitten, and DeeP used the Rocket Launcher to send Mixa… 30 feet into the air (10 meters). CSS team worked and accomplished the 4th objective, thus achieving additional points.

As the DODS DC, I have to admit that I was getting sucked in as I watched this match take a sudden turn. CSS looked like a real DODS team. (I realize that I am supposed to be neutral for purposes of this event as the moderator, but I have to tell you – I GOT EXCITED.) When CSS took that 4th objective, I was screaming at my screen for CSS to “PUSH UP HARD” to take the last objective for an immediate 50 point bonus. Of course, by yelling at the screen at 5:00 AM my time, I woke my household up – but that is another story.

The 5th and final objective was merely 10 feet (3 meters) from TF2’s spawn point. CSS would have to run across the entire battlefield, if they re-spawned, to get back in the fight. Like Apollo, TF2 covers up to hold on and to keep their legs under them as CSS gave them everything they had to take that last objective. Each time CSS got close, TF2 cut them down with a chaotic defense plan that just barely kept CSS from that instant 50. It was the fiercest that the fighting had been all night and like the announcer in Rocky; it was “PANDEMONIUM”. Had it not been for BAD BREATH, calm and cool, working the .30 Cal like it was his lover, the capture point would have fallen. TF2 managed to push back and recapture their second point to earn some additional points.

For the last two to three minutes, it was exactly like the final round of Rocky with each exchanging blow after blow, not knowing who was going to get that lucky punch to knock the other down. Yet, the final bell dings and both are still standing.

The decision…

Like in the movie Rocky, it came down to a decision by the judges based on points. If you actually saw and remember the movie, then you know how it turned out, with Apollo retaining his championship belt. The second half ended in a 19-19 tie, so for the second year in a row, TF2 has won the title of Source War Champions. Their surge in the last part of the first half was just too much to overcome for CSS. Looking back, perhaps Rocky was just a little surprise to be doing so well in the early rounds that he allowed the pressure to get to him. Or perhaps Apollo was really that good and just needed to be reminded that this was for real. Regardless, CSS and TF2 final match was one for the record books as both sides gave it everything they had.

Of course, the movie Rocky was just the beginning and if you recall in the sequel, Rocky II, a lot of folks thought Rocky actually won in the first movie. So enjoy the victory now, TF2, because Rocky is coming back next year for your title!

CONGRATULATIONS to the TF2 DIVISION for a very excellent defense of their championship title.

2009 Champion: CSS/DODS Tie
2010: DODS
2011: TF2
2012: TF2

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