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inoshiro | 19 February 2012 | 21 comments (off)

Feature by Misnik

TERA™ is a new multiplayer online roleplaying game created by Bluehole Studios that many people have been waiting patiently to arrive in more markets since its original release. For those people that wait is almost finally over. En Masse Entertainment (EME) the main distributor who has been working closely with Bluehole to bring this game to market has announced their offical release date of May 1st 2012.

In order to make this happen they have teamed up with Atari in North America and Frogster in Europe to get this highly anticipated pc game in everyones hands. TERA is rated Mature in most regions.

Now that that part is out of the way. Here is the thing about TERA; it’s billed as the “first true action MMO”. A claim I feel they have delivered on. The combat system of TERA is based heavily in skill and reaction making for a very fast paced game. In a manner, it lets go of the shackles of the mass market MMO combat systems of tab targeting and spamming 1 2 3 while you generally stand there not doing much most of the time. In TERA you stay close using your skills and attacks, getting off combo hits and skill chains; all the while watching the monster for signs of its attacks so that you can dodge away at the right moment. All of this takes place in a striking visual world rendered using the Unreal engine. This actually helps the game run very well even on fairly low rated computers.

An Overview of the Vision of TERA from En Masse Entertainment

As far as the setting itself goes; the world is a high end fantasy magic world. It does still have humans and elves like most traditional fantasy games, but thats where the similiarity ends. Unlike many MMOs there is no faction split. Every character starts as a young recruit in the Valkyon Federation. There are six races inside this federation: The Aman, a large reptilian race of warriors descended from dragons. The Baraka, a clan of giants who value knowledge of all kinds. The Castanics, a fiery tempered race of demons who have spurned the gods. The High Elves, a proud race that once conquered much of the world during three thousand years of war. The Humans, a once cursed race of wandering dreamers that created the Federation. The Popori nation, is made up of immortal Elin and animalistic Popori; who together are deadly gaurdians of nature

The class system as well while at a glance is similiar to many MMOs is still quite different in many ways. The primary tank classes in the game are Lancer and Warrior. Lancer is a pure heavy armor tank class, while Warrior is a hybrid evasion tanking class. Due to the mechanics of the game both classes are required to move frequently to avoid excess damage. So there is no planting of the monster and unloading like in normal MMOs. In the same respect, the two healing classes of TERA vary from the norm as the action mechanic forces healers to be as much up in the action as everyone else. Gone are the days of healers standing against the wall healing health bars.

If you are tired of the same old MMO combat system then TERA is a game you should try out. Before Release there are going to be numerous weekend preview events, which access is available to anyone who has put in a preorder from any of their retailers. The times for these events vary some between Europe and North America, but can be found on that regions website. In addition to this there will be an Open Beta event that EME has said everyone who signs up will get in. The Open Beta event will start on April 19th for both regions.

In the time I have followed TERA I have been very impressed with how EME has listened to feedback from the gamers. Among these they have announced that they want players to feel attached to their characters during the Open Beta event, so have decided at least for the North American version of the game that they will not be deleting characters from the Open Beta before the offical live release date. So if decide to try it out and sign up for the open beta you will be allowed to keep your character and progress. Effecitively making the release date April 19th for everyone who preorders the game.

Many TOG members have already been in the first TERA Events having a good time. We hope to see more as we get closer to release.

For more informaton, check out the TERA Division (TOG membership required)!

TERA Online
TERA North American Site
TERA Europe Site
TOG TERA Division

In the mean time here is one of my favorite trailers

And an unofficial video I made from the last event

21 Comments so far

Great job showcasing this game!

Thanks for the great info, will definetly check this game out.

I have been looking forward to this game for years.  I’m in the closed beta this weekend. :) Can’t until friday

Are they doing the closed betas on alternative weekends for NA and Europe?

Closed Beta Test 1: February 10 – 12
Closed Beta Test 2: February 24 – 26
Closed Beta Test 3: March 9 – 11
Closed Beta Test 4: March 23 – 25
Closed Beta Test 5: April 6 – 8
Open Beta Test: April 19 – 22
Head Start: April 28 – May 1

that is their schedule.  I believe that is just for the NA.  Though not really sure what beta is for a game that has been out for more then a year already in Korea.  Sorry I couldn’t help more then that Melardis.

Ah brilliant!  Thanks for the info :)

Great write-up. I’m definitely having a lot of fun so far in the beta events.

The action oriented combat is great fun. Obviously you can still handle combat like every other MMO and just stand there mashing buttons but you’ll suffer for it compared to if you react to what the mob is doing.

And when I wasn’t having a blast killing stuff there were so many wonderful things to look at. I lost track of how many times I’d be on my way to some destination when something would suddenly catch my eye and I’d have to do a double take and just stare at the incredible view.

ooo sounds nice!  Haven’t managed to get in yet, but maybe this weekend :)

The one thing I’ve heard is that the questing is almost exclusively fedex or kill x of/collect x of so far.

As for action ‘mmos’, Vindictus or Dragon Nest have both blazed that trail previously and it’s a model I really enjoy (eg. non targeted combat that is skill based), but both are fairly limited in content (ie. you end up repeating a bunch of the instances for XP).

If the can pull together a bit more interesting questing, I might give Tera a look.

looks a brilliant game, i can’t wait to try it out.

bobalobabingbong | 02:16 am - 6 March 2012


If nothing else, this game is an astounding benchmark in artistic splendor and graphics fidelity. In all my years of playing MMOs I have never seen a game that looks this good and play this smooth. The character models in this game are astounding. I haven’t been this blown away by MMO graphics since I first laid my eyes on EQ and Conan. This game tops them all by a large margin based on the quality of it’s graphics and performance alone.

BeerGuzzler | 07:08 pm - 24 March 2012

looks pretty awesome!

game is fukn awesome

I got to play in 2 closed betas - was great, the moment mechanic takes some getting used to but eventually its not bad. I will be playing this game and also still playing WoW too…

Is there as status update on the Division Status for TERA ? Can someone post something or msg me privately. Thank You

Hmm I may be blind or looking in the wrong spot but I cant find it… meh. Its okay as long as I know one exists—that’s what matters most ! =)

So it is a “twitch” game? That is, he who moves his fingers/mouse the fastest wins?

Gonna be playing this too. Hopefully with you guys.

Just a note that the forum is now Private, so make sure you’re registered and signed in to see it.

I hope to have a lot of fun in TERA with TOG. Just a pure silly fun after a long day at work.

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