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Arep | 10 February 2009 | Comments off

* Authored by SgtMech *

On the evening of Saturday the 7th of February 2009, a dark day in Australian history occurred as the Kinglake region of Victoria was decimated by bush fire. Waking to the news Sunday morning is one that I will remember as it looked similar to Dili (East Timor capital city) as I arrived in the city late October 1999. It had been likened to a war zone in the news and I can vouch that it is an accurate description.

Sunday afternoon it was brought to my attention that a member of the COD4 division was a resident of Kinglake. My heart stopped when Grimberror said that he was unable to reach Lowmount on his mobile phone. I had seen the news reporting a potential death toll of over 200. I got Lowie’s number from Grim and tried immediately. It rang. “That was a good sign,” I thought as it went to message bank. If the phone was turned off it wouldn’t have rung. I then sent a SMS and soon there after I got a reply.

“Mate I lost everything but family is ok. I will get online tomorrow and post up. The devastation is unbelievable. So many dead in cars and houses around mine.”

Thank god they where all safe.

My next thought was “How can I help?” I got another call from Grim who reflected this thought. I asked Lowie what we could do to help. I asked him whether he had any bank details that I could pass on so that we could direct deposit into his account.

“Mate any help is just fantastic....but i have no idea on the bank details.....they were in the house and a little hot still
you guys are fantastic and here i am arguin with the missus about the first thing we buy is a new computer so i can drown the sorrows ”

In the end I made the decision just to offer to collect money on his behalf until he could find the details.

Since having made that decision the TOG community has poured money into the account ($900 at time of writing). I was amazed at just how much came in so quickly in this global financial climate. My heart swelled with pride to be a part of such a great group of people.

I would like to thank everyone that contributed on behalf of Lowmount and to pass on that it is received with admiration for our Community and all it stands for.

Thank you all so much.

* Editor’s Note: For those interested in lending a hand, see this thread.  Additionally, information and discussion can be found here. - Arep *

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