The Zombie Apocalypse

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If you are like me you live in constant fear of the threat of a zombie outbreak. If you are not afraid you are either already prepared (in which case, huge thumbs up!) or you are content to join the shambling horde shuffling their way through eternity feasting on the flesh of the living. Either way, there are a number of resources at your disposal this holiday season to help you prepare for the inevitable.

The first thing you should pick up is a copy of World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks. The book documents a series of accounts of participants in a world-wide zombie outbreak. It is as entertaining as it is disturbing. The book is an excellent read and will definitely leave you wanting more. If you do want more, be sure to pick up The Zombie Survival Guide by the same author. (Incidentally, Max Brooks is Mel Brooks’ son)

Comic book fans should be aware that the third installment of the Marvel Zombies series kicks off this month. The series takes place in an alternate universe where an infection causes heroes and villain alike to turn into bloodthirsty zombies. As a result the entire galaxy is consumed by a pack of super-zombies. The third installment is rumored to take the infection into the mainstream Marvel universe. As an added bonus there is also an Army of Darkness crossover available.

Moving on to movies now. Along with classics like Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, Fido should definitely make your top 10 zombie movie list. Written and directed by Andrew Currie, Fido is a satirical look at a world where zombies have been domesticated through the use of technology. Another one to check out is Romero’s Diary of the Dead. College students making a film the night of a zombie outbreak struggle to cope with the reality of it by making an impromptu documentary.

“But I didn’t bring any of that stuff into my bunker with me!” Well, if you’ve got a PC and/or a PS3/360 with you there are still some options. First, the obvious one...look for Left 4 Dead in the next few weeks. You play as one of four survivors of a zombie epidemic either with other people or bots. The zombies are the fast kind and they come with a number of “bosses” with uber powers. Alternatively, Kotaku has recently reported that a console version of the Zombies board game is being created for both XBOX Live and Playstation Home.

Zombies can be found in the most unexpected places. (Keep that mantra in mind!) Saints Row 2 has a game inside a game where you are one of several survivors holding out against waves of increasingly numerous zombies with limited ammo and health. Call of Duty: World At War will include a similar game mode where you hold out against hordes of zombies and earn money to improve your defenses. Finally, there is...something...going on in Grand Theft Auto IV right now. During a recent “play the devs” event, the developers released a plague into the multiplayer pool. If you encounter someone with a zombie skin and a yellow Speedo there is a chance that you will become infected by the virus. There are stats on Rockstar’s web site tracking the spread of the infection. At the moment it is unclear what is going to come of it but it certainly sounds cool.

There you have it! A few resources you can use to raise your zombie preparedness level a few notches while you are waiting for your arctic (or antarctic) survival base to finish construction. 

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