Why we game

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Why we game ?

Allow me to set the scene...

You’ve been slugging it out with the same old clients you deal with every day...It’s a typical day at your work. You’ve been slugging it out with the same old clients you deal with every day and trying your best to serve the great unwashed masses, all the while trying to shoulder the responsibility of making reality of an unrealistic budget set by someone in an ivory tower. You’ve just spent over an hour with a customer who knew they wanted to part with their money, but had no actual clue as to what they actually wanted, and eventually made it pretty evident that you needed to do their thinking for them.

You look up at the clock, then at your watch, then the clock again. You have to check, not twice, but three times just to make sure that you’re not seeing things: the second hand is seemingly moving backwards, with an incessant tick, tick, tick. You ask yourself "can time really move this slowly?” But then, with a deliberate thunk, the long hand jerks forward until it’s pointing toward the ceiling, and the smaller pointing due east, only just holding steady, as if it was straining to keep itself there against the will of Newton himself.

One careful sip is all it takes for your caffeine receptors to light up, thanking you for the pleasure. This is why three o'clock was invented!The time has finally come: afternoon smoko. You slide your chair back with a stylish swoosh and swivel around 180 degrees. You get to feet; your legs feel heavy, but you start them moving. You can already taste the coffee in your mouth. You press the button on the automatic espresso machine and think, for an auto machine, it makes pretty darn good cuppa. Once done, the machine lets off a gurgle, as if it was satisfied with the outcome of its purpose in life. You reach for the mug, the warmth radiating onto your fingers, a waft of steam escaping from the top. One careful sip is all it takes for your caffeine receptors to light up, thanking you for the pleasure. This is why three o'clock was invented!

You sense movement behind you: a colleague, a person you nod politely to in the hallways. Both of you are standing around the proverbial water cooler. Caressing your fresh brew, like a long lost love, you make eye contact with the interloper and give a short nod of your head to indicate that you’re not averse to a conversation. Your cohort starts:

"What ya' doin' t'nite?"

You reply without a second thought.

"Got an online ladder match in COD 5 with some of my TOG mates. We are playing for third spot. Bloody important match this one!"

There is silence - a long silence, an awkward silence. You get a look like you've announced that you were the second shooter on the grassy knoll.

You take another sip of your brew. Then your acquaintance blurts out:

"Ya doin' what? Gaming?"

"Yeah, loads of people do it"

".....but not, like old people"

Considering yourself young at heart, you reply with:

“Well let me tell you. I am a part of one of the largest online gaming groups for 25 plus people on the net in Australia. We have interest from MMORPG’s to FPS’s to classic gaming.”

The look you're getting at this stage is that there's not a chance of convincing anyone that being an older gamer is anything other than strange. You decide to have one last try anyway; not are you passionate about the games you play, but the people you associate with through them.

“Some of my best mates are gamers. I have known guys online for six or seven years”

Your colleague raises an eyebrow, turns, walks off and mutters something under their breath. It's barely audible.


Your coffee is half cold. You think to yourself, only gamers know why they game.

I know why I game. It’s for the instant mates you can make when someone adds you to xfire, or you chat with them on team speak. It is about camaraderie and the sense of community you get by being a part of a group like The Older Gamers.

Oh and one more thing: I game beccause, damn, I love blowing stuff up!

Poll: How much time do you game each week?

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