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FunkyJ | 22 September 2008 | 2 Comments

Welcome to Five Phrases of Funk!  ;-)

Because as we get older and more strapped for time as Real Life impinges on our enjoyment of everything else, I’ve decided to write this blog so you can get an idea about a game in 5 sentences or less.

Most of the games I review will be on Xbox360, Wii and PC games, but there will be the odd DS and PSP and maybe even a PS3 game here and there.

Many of these I will be given to review for another site or magazine, but I dare say the majority will be purchased by myself, so no real fear of publisher / advertiser bias here.

And on that note, a small disclaimer - I work for Krome Melbourne so will not be reviewing any Krome made games.

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Write that funky review white boy! (with apologies to Wild Cherry)


whats wrong with TAZ :)

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