Game with the Developer… ME!

Unashamed self promotion here, but that’s what these things are for, right??? ;)

Got an xbox 360? Do you like trivia games?

Well then get Scene It? Box Office Smash!

And if you want a real challenge, On Sat 22 Nov from 11pm to 1am EST (or Sun 23 Nov from 3pm to 5pm AEST for the Aussies) you can get the chance to test your movie knowledge with the SceneIt? Box Office Smash developers from Krome Studios!

Start SceneIt and join a game with any of the people below with following gamertags

FunkyJ AU <- me =)
Kaos dogg
Rabass H2P
Ectoplasm H2P

For more details hit up the website:

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How did it go Funky??

I reckon that somehow, the developers might have known the answers. Funny that they’d have that knowledge when they’ve got to code the programme, hey? ;-)

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