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Hmm, apparently the forum ate my post as reply to this thread.

Take 2.

I started my pc repair times back in 87. I didn't have a clue what I was doing, I, like always, made it up as I went along. It was a silly thing at 1st, one of the drives on my apple had gone out, so I had to replace it. Later that next week, the sound card in my PS/2 crapped out. That started me off, the whole upgrade thing. 20 years later I still make house calls, phone support for friends and build pc's for people I like.

During this time, I amassed an insane amount of left over crap in my parents basement. I dont visit them often but I know its still there. 8088's, 8086's (big green box, 4 inc green screen, fold out keyboards). 386's, 486's, case's, power supplies, a box of ram from simms, dimms, pc100, pc133, pc66, pc33, down to the 286/386 ram. old hard drives (back in the days when a 4 meg hard drive was cool! more cd roms then I want to count, keyboards and mice by the score. modems, oh lord, the modems. 2400, 9600, external, internal, 14's, 28.8's. monitors. I could build a small building out of monitors. outdated apple systems, more monitors. video cards: riva's, a 3dfx voodoo, a voodoo 2, 2 voodoo 3's, 1meg, 2 meg, 4 meg trident cards. six or so outdated and forgotten printers, floppy drives, 3.5, 5.25, a couple of forgotten zip drives. I think theres a tape drive still down there that works. you could throw a tape drive at a wall at it would still work.

probably the one thing I hold onto with fondness, is a 56k hardware gaming modem. I bought it online to play UO with back in the day when no one had dsl or cable, and maybe 1 in 50 had an isdn connect. that thing rocked. This was back in 98 or so. a US robotics modem. I think I paid like 80$ for the damn thing, but I used it solidly for 5 years or so till I got cable. I could be on a crap computer, and still register 50ms pings to Great Lakes & Siege with it. Those were the days.

Back in the late 80's and 90's, I was good friends with the fella who ran the only BBS in Southern Illinois, I'd spend days over there talking and learning. Joe was a cool fella, though a bit stubborn. To this day, he still runs his BBS, as well as his own ISP (he has a t3 line to his house that he bills off to locals for 56k inet). Thats not funny, what is funny, is that even in 2007, he runs the whole thing off of Pentium 2 machines. He is classic, and refuses to upgrade, saying that it runs fine, so he has no reason to upgrade. A couple of months ago he went off line to start his upgrade finally, but it hasn't come back up. I wonder if it stopped working out of spite for not having the familiar P2's running it.

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