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I have never seen the distinction been made before, but I like the question.
Roll-player for me.
I have always been a fact & figures kind of guy (no surprise that I work in IT).
Although our group still gets together every fortnight to play something, it is mostly boardgames or strategy games now.
Our RPG effort, although enjoyable, never really managed to run for long durations. I think most of our problems is that we don't really have any of those story teller type people. That means that our GM/DM's tended to not end up being really good at running long campaigns. We either had one or the other extreme. They would overestimate how long something would take, only to find they ran out of planned content about half way through a session. Or the other extreme. You spend a full day only to find you had barely got beyond the first few rooms and the intro dungeon would take weeks. (problem with this is you can't always get the same people every time. makes it hard if people disapear while in the middle of a room)

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