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Commodore will always hold a special memory for me

I started out with the Commodore PET in grade 6 as the "Captain of the computer area" where they were set up at our public school (based upon me always being there I could watch and clean up afterwards)

Then I bought my first Vic-20 in 1982 and always felt I never mastered it/did everything I wanted to in terms of programming but threw it away in 1992 (and regret it ever since) and about 3 years ago I started getting back into collecting and repairing them.

There's lots of forums and groups of similar nuts around to mingle with. I just picked up a SuperPET which was the Cadelac of the PETS and will be getting a disk drive for it this week (trading).

I've had a few "Retro Parties" for all the nerds to come play the oldies with other interests that I have also (Home Theatre, Pinball, MAME)....

It's all great therapy for being married with a 15 month old
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