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oooh, got a few gems in my parents attic now i think on it.
Amstrad CPC 464 that I rescued from a skip about 3 years ago.
Later Amstrad, cant remember the exact model any longer, played Brabben's first Elite on this with the georgeous wire-frame ships. Nice to see folks still remember this game as evidenced by our post count ratings
ZX spectrum +2 but few games for that, it had a nasty habit of chewing tapes.
amiga600, bought direct from the irvine factory a few months after general release, played the original civilization (6 floppy disks >.<) and railroad tycoon, both meier classics. Upgraded with the 2mb chip RAM through the trapdoor expansion, another 4mb RAM through the PC card slot.
still got most of the bits from my 486 25SX too, no monitor though.
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