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On the PC front there is only a Win98 machine that has moved to the back of the couch. Everything else is either still in use or a single backup pc if one dies and needs to get repaired.

On the console front though I have a fair few systems. Intellivison with lots of games, keyboard (very dodgy tech) and voice module. NES, SNES, N64 with plenty of games (not too many N64 ones though). Atari Lynx (1st gen) with a ton of games. Sega Megadrive (1st gen) with the add ons for Master System, MegaCD and 32X. A couple of PS1 for link gaming.

Only things hooked up these days are my PS2 and Wii.

From around 1990-2003 I was buying 1-3 new console games every 2 weeks. By the end my PC use time diverted me away from console use.

One thing you should be careful of with hoarding old PC parts. I have a friend who is just like Deadfyre in that he helps people all around his town (usually the kind of people that can't afford to go to a shop to get things done) with PC problems and he tends to get to keep the old parts. Being on a pension he also made a little extra cash selling movies to friends. Someone got pissed off at him and evetually the cops did a raid and seized everything. Due to the ammount of old unusable tech in his 2 room apartment, the cops thought they had smashed a large piracy ring and the local paper even reported it as a multi million dollar operation. Some really nice detective work there. Case is slowly on it's way to getting thrown out of court after well over a year of police delay tactics. /end of Anti-establishment rant

Will be playing Guild Wars 2 when it's out. Currently playing Battlefield 3 (Nightlifeoz) and Star Wars The Old Republic (Nightlife) on PC. PC, PS3, DS Lite and Wii are my systems of choice.
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