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What sort of game do you prefer, one that is rules heavy or one where the rules are light?

Personally I've been leaning towards more rules light games lately. For example a few months ago a game I was involved in (run by TickledBlue) started with no character sheets. We played for a couple of months only making the occasional dice roll and did not have any stats or skills etc noted down. It went quite well. Part of it being because everyone had come up with a character concept & background which allowed for having a basic idea of what we could & couldn't do.

All the RPGs I've played in the last couple of years it's been the setting/the background/the story and journey that I've enjoyed. The rules are just something to assist. If the rules get in the way of this then the rules go out the door.

The people who have run the games I've played have handled this quite well & not gotten bogged down in the rules.
Wow! what a great question!

I'd have to say I'm a bit of both, probably leaning a bit more to roll than role 60/40.

I love to research and plan my characters development so that I don't end up gimped, playing a character I hate, but I also love to get into the feel of the character and role play.
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