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Gee Roll or Role playing.... as I rolling dice is a part of most RPGs (most) these two kinda gp hand in hand so I guess I do both although I prefer the Role playing side of my games.

A bigger problem to my way of thinking is the stat keeping that can go into some games, I've seen DMs who expect you to have paper representations of scrolls and potions on your person when you turn up to play otherwise you can't use them also when swimming a river or on fire expect you to roll to see how much equipment you loose. Worse game for this IMO is Traveller where the game itself seems to attract people who know exactly how many nuts, screws and nails are in each jar in the she and when they bough them and what the weather was like. Apologies to all you Traveller fans out there but I'm sure you know what I mean, or maybe I've just been unlucky. Anyway although stats are important you need to know how hard you can squish Goblins or agents of Pentax you can take things to far and to my way of thinking this just slows down the game and leads to table talk which leads to Simpsons quotes, Conan quotes, singing the theme to Conan (the Barbarian and the Destroyer, someone deciding that they have to watch Conan now... as you can see the guys I role play with are easily distracted so a fast game concentrating on chest thumping and silly voices is your best plan as a GM.
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