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Hi all,

I've been reading about how to find groups for online P&P RPG play using Skype or Ventrilo or Team Speak and an application called Open RPG.
  1. Has anyone tried this style of play?
  2. Is it any good?
  3. Is it technically difficult?
  4. Can you still smell the obligatory-fat-guy-that-sweats-like-a-mad-man of the group?
Your help and thoughts appreciated.
Yes. I do that then record it ("Heroic Cthluhu" - at Heroic Cthulhu )

1. Yes.
2. Yes - you have a much bigger pool of talent to draw from than just your local area. It has draw backs (can't see facial expressions and funny live stuff) but overall it is very nice.
3. No. I am a techno dweeb. I'd check out the HC boards because Pete has put up a rather useful post on technical stuff for gamers on skype etc - the boards can be found at Heroic Cthulhu - Home Yes - you have to register to see them but it keeps off the bad people.
4. If you do, you won't know!

On the HC boards you'll find out everything you want to know about this and plenty of other stuff relating to it - just ask the fan base there.

That is another unexpected benefit of gaming on line - IF you record it as well, you get a fan base. Weird, huh?
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