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Making pen and paper RPGs like MMOG's..... I can see why they've done this as the RPG world has really taken a big knock in terms of players either migrating to or taking up MMOG's instead of the "traditional" RPG but I'm just not sure if this will work. Maybe I'm getting old and crotchety in my not quite doteage but I like pen and paper RPGs because they are so different from MMO's.

I suppose elements of the MMOG has always been apart of pen and paper systems in that you can only cast so many number of spells per day but that was part of the fun. The discussion with the party of "Well the fighters are nearly dead, the rogue is unconcious and the cleric has one cure light wounds left and the wizard can create glowing stones so we really need to rest but here is too dangerous so we have to leave or at least get some where safe but there's that noise coming from where we've just left that sound like 1000 terrible things coming this way what do we do?" That I loved especially about D&D and you can get similar experiences in countless other games. To then go to a system where in this case it may be case of If we can wait 10 mins all will be well" then I think we may have lost something but as I've not seen anything about 4th Edition I could be wrong, I hope.
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