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My copy of the books did ship about 6 days after release, which was a lot better then the 6 or so weeks the site was initially showing for more stocks.
In the mean time I have been reading a friends copy of the players handbook. Still got quite a way to go, but I am no longer as concerned about the portential lack of damage scaling I mentioned in my earlier post.
The base attacks (at will)don't really seem to scale any better then shown in the quick start rules, but you should get enough of the once per battle abilities (per encounter) and once per day (daily powers) attacks to mean you rarely have to rely on your base abilites.
We are yet to play a game with our own characters and the full rules, but looking through it has managed to raise interest that I havn't had for 15+ years. I will admit that I am not so interested in the role playing side, but the use of figures on grided maps and clear movement and attack abilities appeals to my board game/wargamming nature. It also removes a lot of the difficulty often placed onto the DM to have to try and clearly describe positioning and distances verbally.

I spent a bit of time on their website the other day trying to find out anything about the online features, but couldn't really find anything. A bit of discussion about their league, and how to make and continue a drop in/drop out character that can officially be taken to anyone elses registered games. I am sure that is not the stuff we are looking for.

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