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I just had another look. Turns out I was in the wrong place. I was looking at the RPGA, which I am still not sure exactly what that is.

The online functions are called D&D Insider. It is not currently available. When released it will provide a number of subscriber only features, and a few features that everyone can use (like access to the map development tool).
The FAQ can be found here. You have to scroll down to the D&D Insider bit.
Since I know everyone will want to know this bit
Originally Posted by FAQ
How much will the D&D Insider subscription cost?
$14.95/month, or you can buy a 3-month or 12-month subscription at a discount. A 12-month subscription works out to $9.95/month.
Personally I think that is too dear. It is the same price as most MMORPGS, and although it has some nice features, you wouldn't get nearly the same amount of use/play time out of it.
At most our group will probably only be playing once a fortnight, possibly only once a month. Even the most infrequent player of an MMORPG would be playing about 2-3 times a week for the same cost (and you can't solo in full RPG. It is everyone or no one)

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