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Default Did I miss something?

or does nobody ever post here anymore?

I'm a console gamer in my extra extra spare time.

I find just enough time for a bare minimum of games, unless I have 4 capable people there and then I will try and insist they at least have a crack at

  1. Wii Tennis
  2. Smash Bros
  3. Mario Karts (not unless they realllly want to.. cause I can take or leave this)
  4. Wii Bowling?
Apart from that I play PS3:

  1. WipeOut HD - I posted about this recently and NOBODY responded. So I assume I am on my own with the LOVE of this game
  2. Eden - here and there a wee crack but never so entrancing for more than 30 mins
  3. Some burnout.... but i fail and careless without real ppl.. Needs to be a set TOG night.. Once a month to attract all our online Burnouters
  4. GTA... wow this one... while a GREAT game... got old quick and now i find myself struggling to attract any gaming time to it... MP was buggy and klutzy
Ahh the consoles are still obviously best for when peeps are in-house on the couch. Fantastic now, when u can get enough over...

But - is this forum knackered?? Or are the older gamers more into PC?

or did we move?
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